Dawgsports' staff predictions: Georgia @ the Vanderbilt Commodores

"Hold me." "Only if you hold me." - Scott Cunningham

The Dawgsports' staff thinks things. Lots of things. One of the things we think is Georgia football. We've put some thought into Georgia versus Vanderbilt, and the things we think about the things we think will happen in this game are below. But we're fallible, and sometimes the things we think aren't the things that happen. So tell us what you think about the things we think, how what we think is wrong, what we think is right, and what you think about these things, in the comments below. Confused yet? Cause clearly, so are we about our beloved Georgia Bulldogs.

Kit 27-17 Dawgs if, and only if, we force 2 turnovers. And we really need to force two turnovers.

Vineyard Vanderbilt 35, Georgia 10:Todd Gurley won't be healthy enough to come back, and Aaron Murray gets violent food poisoning and gets violently ill right before the game. Fortunately, he had the fish with his pregame meal, not the chicken, and the only other players on the team that had the fish were... oh, crap, the entire offense.

Spears UGA 24, Vandy 28 They scored more points on Mizzou than we did. They're playing at home. They've had a bye week to rest up and prepare for us. If you didn't think think season could get any worse, you were sorely mistaken.

Chuck Georgia 35 Vandy 25. And I'm sorry for being so wrong about MIzzou.

Podunk Georgia 28, Vandy 10. Because I have it on very good authority that there is no stadium in the SEC quieter than Vanderbilt at Noon on a Saturday.

Macon UGA 45, Vandy 31. Austin Carta-Samuels isn't Tajh Boyd or Zach Mettenberger. He's good enough to put a scare into a Bulldog team that will bring Todd Gurley back slowly.

Sanchez Georgia 41 Vandy 31. It'll be a tight game, and our defense will struggle stopping Matthews out wide, but I think Gurley comes back and the offense has a good day. The defense makes a couple plays at the end, and we get out of town with what in the end looks like a comfortable score but that scares the daylights out of us going into the 4th quarter.

Dave If Gurley plays, it must be he's healthy. We should win, but it'll be a struggle. Dawgs 31 Vandy 27

RedCrake Georgia 42 Vandy 24 It turns out Georgia may not be a Top 10 team... Vandy sure as hell isn't either.

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