The Friday Tailgate: Show Me Something Edition.

Kevin C. Cox

You gotta be somewhere between now and tomorrow's noon kickoff. It might as well be here. Pull up a chair.

Maestro, let's make it another eclectic double feature:

I keep trying to convince myself that Missouri hasn't played anybody yet. That Aaron Murray is the straw that stirs the drink in the Bulldog offense. That Todd Gurley still might play. And that the Bulldog defense has been maturing slowly and at some point is going to finally put it all together.

But so far it's not working. Like much of Bulldog Nation I find myself in the grip of a Munsonian funk, as if a cloud of cigar smoke is swirling around me, causing me to trip over the dog's chew toy and tear my meniscus. I know, no fanbase cried wolf quite like Georgia fans. We actually take pride our stoicism in a way that most other fanbases would consider just plain nutty.

But we can't help it. After 30 years of decent football interspersed with the occasional steel-toed nut kicking, we've seen enough great football to know what winning feels like and enough bad football to know that even when the great football's onstage it means some guy backstage is warming up his nut-kicking boots. In the Bulldog fan's mind, the one follows the other as night follows day.

Usually, if we're being honest, the pessimism isn't all that warranted. In college football, as in most other aspects of life, the things worth worrying about are the ones that strike you on a random Wednesday morning with no forewarning at all. They involve failure to show up against Kentucky and Vanderbilt and Central Florida and Southern Mississippi.

A Georgia team that knows it's facing a challenge and that feels collectively that it's facing long odds is one which you can depend on. I sense that this Bulldog team is one of those, a team that feels the need to pull together and deliver. As a result I feel myself growing ever so slightly less pessimistic as kickoff approaches. But only slightly.

I don't know what will happen tomorrow when toe meets leather. And neither do you. But that obviously shouldn't prevent us from speculating. So I ask you, Dawg Sports readers, over or under?

James Franklin will rush for 2.9 first downs.

Dorial Green-Beckham will have 4.9 catches.

Todd Gurley will have 0.9 carries.

Chris Conley will have 4.9 receptions.

Rhett McGowan will snag 2.9 receptions.

The Georgia defense will surrender fewer than 30.9 points.

The Georgia offense will score 30.9 points.

Georgia will have 0.9 kicks blocked.

As always, feel free to place your over/under predictions and your general thoughts on tomorrow's game in the comments. And also use this as your game thread if for some reason you find yourself watching Temple/Cincinnati tonight on ESPN. I mean, it could happen. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

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