Fire and Ice

... just let the mother flipper burn! - Thomas Starke

Much has already been made of the adversity facing our Dawgs this week due to injuries, and several fine posts have already been written exhorting the team and fans to show up and show out this Saturday. I've heard two seemingly different ways the team and fans need to conduct themselves in order to win/cheer this Saturday: by keeping calm and cool and by cheering/playing hot. In other words, what we need this Saturday is some fire and ice. So here are two poems that talk about the relationship between fire and ice and why we'll need both this Saturday.

I know I've used Robert Frost twice in a row, but I could just say I'm paying homage to our offense's limited options. I'm also not opposed to using something twice in a row if it works, which is not quite as much of a homage to the offense. Frost's "Fire and Ice" is a classic poem that many will recognize; Edmund Spenser's sonnet "My Love is Like to Ice" is not as well-known, but it also explores the dynamic relationship between figurative fire and ice.

So fans and team, I'm no Mom, but I do know that you need to play and cheer hot while still keeping your cool. Fans, fire up the team; team, keep calm and Quayvon carry on. Fans, keep your cool and keep cheering no matter what; team, play with fire and passion. We've already seen and heard this year the kind of atmosphere that a loud and raucous Sanford stadium can provide, so fans, I am asking you to be on time, be crazy, and be loud. Nothing electrifies a stadium like amazing play, so team, keep your cool, play hot, and fire up the fans. In other words:



Some say we'll win the game with fire,

some with ice.

From volume of Dawg fans' desire,

I cheer with those who favor fire.

But if you were to ask me twice,

I think I know enough to say

that Richt and Murray's vein-wrapped ice

is also great

and will suffice.



Let's show Mizzou some magic tricks this Saturday.

Our quarterback is ice and we are fire:

How comes it then that Murray's chill veneer

remains intact in spite of Sanford's choir

but harder grows the more we wildly cheer?

Or how comes it that our fan-crazy heat

is not allayed by Richt's game-clenching chill,

but that we burn much more and players entreat

and feed our flames from players' hardened wills?

What more miraculous thing may be told

that fire, which gobbles all, should feed our guys,

and ice, which fills our players' veins with cold,

should fan fans' fire amidst victorious cries?

Such is the power of fandom on a team:

That fans can fire team to achieve its dream.



This gif is probably not going to work, but I don't care and am posting it anyway. Just click on it and it might work--kind of like our special teams.

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