Roundtable predictions: #25 Missouri comes to town

Ed Zurga

The Dawgsports staff tells you what they think will happen this Saturday when 25th ranked Missouri squares off against the Dawgs in Sanford Stadium at noon. Here's what we think. Tell us where we're wrong, where we're right, and what you think in the comments.

Vineyard Georgia is going to be backed up against a wall in a way we could have only imagined in our worst fears in the preseason. If the fans can bring it as hard as they did against LSU and South Carolina, I think that might put us over the top. Georgia 41, Missouri 38.

RedCrake Mizzou 21 Georgia 3 -- Our defense gets picked apart. Errbody tears or breaks something. In the 4th quarter, with our roster completely depleted, Mike Bobo and some of the guys from the UGA paintline strap on helmets and lead a 2 minute drill field goal drive that scores Georgia's only points of the game. Missouri goes on to win the SEC Championship. I've learned my lesson about picking the Dawgs to win. Have you?

Dave Mizzou 62 Georgia 14 We are a Big 12 team.

Sanchez Missouri 48, Georgia 38. 3 for 3, but not superstitious one bit. Nope, not at all (throws salt over shoulder, knocks on wood, and kisses lucky shoes bought in 2002).

Spears UGA 38, Mizzou 35 - I know full well that I'm jinxing us here, but I like our offense at home in a shoot-out. I'd be more worried about the fact that Mizzou is second in the conference (behind A&M) in terms of scoring and total offense if they had actually played anyone. They'll get their points, but they'll also have a long drive home.

Kit I'm going 38-27 Dawgs. Dawgs will have to run to win, and defense can't let us get behind early. If UGA jumps out to an early lead, we should seal it by the fourth quarter.

Podunk I choose to simply say....With all the injuries, I'm worried.

Macon Mizzou 41, UGA 31. This is the week the defense finally bites us in the hindquarters. James Franklin has been a very efficient passer this season. Unfortunately for us, it appears he's just now hitting his stride, completing 69% of his passes for 7 TDs and 0 INTs in his past two games. Franklin is precisely what a young Bulldog secondary did not need: a patient QB who can also tuck it and run.

Chuck You'll have to listen to find out.

And as always, GO DAWGS!

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