Recognizing the Contributions of Our Loyal Dawg Sports Readers

It wasn't just a great year on the football field. - USA TODAY Sports

We have a great community here at Dawg Sports, due mostly to the contributions of our loyal readers. Now that we have the final site stats for 2012, it is time to recognize the most productive members of SB Nation's Georgia Bulldogs community.

It hasn’t been the best of weeks to be a Georgia fan. Oh, sure, Ted Roof is returning to The Flats and the Bulldogs finished second in the SEC Power Poll, but, otherwise, the news has been bad.

As expected, Kwame Geathers is leaving and Tajh Boyd is returning to terrorize the Bulldogs in the 2013 season opener. With a heavy heart, chuckdawg has decided it is time for the Hoop Hounds to part ways with Mark Fox, while the final BlogPoll ranked the Red and Black behind Texas A&M in football. Finally, to top it all off, David Pollack did little to bolster the reputation of a University of Georgia education when he sent out these tweets, which likely caused NCT to cringe:

Fortunately, we have something positive to report, and it is specific to Dawg Sports. SB Nation has provided us with our final site statistics for 2012, and these include bestowing “top ten” rankings for the most comments, the most fanshots, and the most fanposts by individual community members. Naturally, many of the most prolific posters in these categories are members of the site staff whose names appear on the masthead, but this is not universally the case, and we would like to take this opportunity to recognize the quantity and quality of some dedicated readers’ contributions to the site.

Six of the ten most frequent commenters at Dawg Sports also are members of the site staff, led by chuckdawg with 10,240 comments in 2012. (I was second with 4,771.) However, a person doesn’t have to have front-page posting privileges in order to participate in a comment thread, and last year’s leading Dawg Sports commenter who is not also a staff member was The984, whose 3,132 comments in the calendar year just concluded were the fifth-most by any community member, on or off the masthead. Rounding out the top ten were Dawg2011 with a seventh-place 2,138, dawgknight with a ninth-place 1,836, and CIA Chef Dawg with a tenth-place 1,509.

Likewise, seven staff members were among the most frequent posters of fanshots, but Dawg2011 published 46 of them to finish ahead of all but one of those masthead authors and in second place overall. BravesAreZilla produced 24 fanshots to earn a top five finish, and downindixie, appropriately, came in ninth with nine such postings.

Last, but absolutely not least, six of the ten most fruitful producers of fanposts were not masthead contributors, including the top two and three of the top four. BravesAreZilla’s nine fanposts qualified him for tenth, while CaptJackSparrow’s ten fanposts placed him ninth. Chesterhighwater published an even dozen to finish seventh, three spots behind fourth-place Dawg Haus’s 16. Tied for the top spot with 36 apiece---16 more than third-place chuckdawg’s 20---were Cherokee’s Grip and Dawg2011.

We are deeply grateful to all of our loyal readers, and especially to those who take the time to contribute to the conversation through their comments, their fanshots, and their fanposts. The quality, creativity, and originality of the community members’ efforts consistently impress us, and we are glad to have occasional opportunities to recognize those contributions. Our congratulations go out to those prolific participants whose user names were noted above, and our thanks go out to them, and to all of you.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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