A Florida Fan Walked Into a Bar...

This is my first fan post, so please help a brother out if I screw up mods.

My name is obviously Joe Jones and I currently live in the great city of New Orleans. I tend bar by trade and work on Bourbon street at a nice spot that I will not mention because this post will not speak highly of Florida fans. Let's just say that it's considered classy given the relative environment.
That being said, thank God I haven't had to deal with too many Florida fans this weekend.
Also, I have to take a moment to give the Louisville fans props. They have been gracious and kind and even somewhat taken aback when I wished them good luck while expressing my extreme dislike for all things Florida Gator. I can only guess they assumed that since we are both in the SEC that I would want Florida to win. Bless their poor little cardinal hearts.

So... I was working tonight and a guy walks into the bar wearing a Florida Gator jacket and, I kid you not, jean shorts.
I decided to be judicious and not kick him out immediately.
He began by asking me the price for every single beer we sell and belly ached about having to pay 5 dollars for a Stella. Eventually he settled on a Miller Lite.
And a glass of champagne for the poor girl accompanying him.

But not without having to know how much it costs first.

By this point, I had enough of him and asked the other girl bartending to take care of him and the classless folks in his group.
She, of course, started up a conversation about the Sugar Bowl and I couldn't help but listen. I was so, so, so, so, so hoping to hear him complain about not playing for the national championship. I wanted so freaking badly to remind him of why.
But nary a word out of his mouth. Until...
Apparently, the punter on the UF football team was one of his classless friends and he began discussing the chances of a Gator victory (It was painful to type the words Gator......... and ............ victory in such close proximity by the way).
He said that he was worried because the Gators don't seem to play well against mediocre teams, which to him seemed strange because they "handled" the good teams.

I had to chime in at this point-

"Except the Dawgs!!"(I shouted across the bar)

He stumbled for his next sentence and stood dumbfounded.
I took this moment to talk for him.
I said, "yeah, you guys can handle the good teams... EXCEPT FOR THE GEORGIA BULLDAWGS!!!!".
His only response was, "well, what bowl are y'all playing in?".

And to this I said, "The SEC championship game baby!".

At this point, the original Florida fan in jean shorts intervened and stopped my moment of bliss. They paid their bill and then left in total silence. I don't care if Louisville wins, just as long as Florida loses.
Happy New Year and GO DAWGS!!!!

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