Your Weekly NCAA 13 Preview: FAU @ UGA

Up next is the Week 3 NCAA 13 Game. Just to note: I play as UGA, against a computer-controlled FAU, in 10-minute quarters on All-American difficulty. (If you play a full 15, you tend to have final scores in the 60s and 70s, and Homey the Clown doesn't mess around like that!). However, with FAU having team ratings of D for offense, D+ for defense, and D+ for overall, it was going to get messy when you put on the other side a team with a A defense, B+ offense, and A- overall. It was going to get messier than a Delta House Toga Party. That being said, let's get to the game and introduce Florduh Atlantic to the Jungle. TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

This was no Buffalo. UGA got back on its traditionally high horse and owned FAU for the entire game, with tons of rotating and substituting in the running back rotation. Through the first half, a combination of Malcome, Marshall, and Gurley got over 18 carries in the 1st half, for 105 yards. Aaron Murray drank his Brass Monkey and threw for 189 yards in the 1st half.

The defense was masterful both halves, limiting the Owls to 7 rushes for 2 yards. Their quarterback, Graham Wilbert, was 6-18 with 17 yards and 2 INT. Through the 1st half, UGA was winning 17-0.

In the 2nd half, I pulled right away, with multiple pick 6s and a tantalizing offense. The Hooters threw 6 total picks in the game, 2 being returned for TDs. The final score was: UGA 52, FAU 0.


Aaron Murray: 22-31 // 322 yards // 4 TD // 0 INT

Ken Malcome: 10 rushes // 29 yards // 2.9 YPC // 0 TD

Keith Marshall: 6 rushes // 49 yards // 8.1 YPC // 1 TD

Todd Gurley: 19 rushes // 106 yards // 5.6 YPC // 0 TD


Sanders Commings: 2 TFL // 1 INT returned for TD

Shawn Williams: 3 TFL // 1 INT

Mike Gilliard: 3 TFL // 2 INT // 1 returned for TD

Bacarri Rambo: 2 TFL // 1 INT

Branden Smith: 3 TFl // 1 INT

FAU: 13 rushes // 6 yards // 0.5 YPC

Graham Wilbert: 12-32 // 132 yards // 0 TD // 6 INT


Marshall Morgan: 1-1 FG // 47 yard FG

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