Your Weekly NCAA 13 Preview: UGA @ South Carolina

Hi everybody! Back here again with your NCAA 13 preview, this Week 6 matchup is UGA @ South Carolina. With all defensive starters back, we'll be much better off trying to stop Marcus Lattimore and the scrambling Connor Shaw. On to the action:

The first half was pretty dull, ending in a score of UGA 3, South Carolina 0. I had multiple drives going for over 60 yards, but to no avail, with just one earning a 46-yard field goal from Marshall Morgan. For the first half, Murray was 8-13, with 103 yards. Between Gurley and Marshall, there were 24 rushes for 93 yards, an average of 3.9 yards per carry.

The second half is where the fits hit the shan for Currolinuh. Shawn Williams intercepted a pass from Shaw and returned it 27 yards for a touchdown, making it 10-0 UGA with 8:38 to go in the 3rd quarter. The rest of the third was pretty dull, with nothing exciting.

In the 4th quarter, South Carolina got off to a good start, intercepting a pass from Murray and starting on UGA's 39 yard line. I allowed 2 first downs to them, and ultimately a touchdown pass from Shaw, making it 10-7 UGA with 3:32 left in the game. I just ran the ball from then on, and ran the clock down, and the final in Columbia was:

FINAL: UGA 10, South Carolina 7


Aaron Murray: 13-22 // 198 yards // 0 TD // 2 INT

Connor Shaw (SCAR): 11-24 // 155 yards // 1 TD // 1 INT

Todd Gurley: 20 rushes // 89 yards // 4.4 YPC

Keith Marshall: 10 rushes // 49 yars // 4.9 YPC

Marcus Lattimore (SCAR): 26 rushes // 112 yards // 4.3 YPC


Shawn Williams: 7 tackles // 1 INT

Jarvis Jones: 2 sacks

John Jenkins: 2 TFL

Alec Ogletree: 10 tackles


Marshall Morgan: 1-1 // 46-yard field goal


UGA rushing: 30 rushes // 138 yards // 4.60 YPC

South Carolina rushing: 28 rushes // 113 yards // 4.03 YPC

Total Offense UGA: 489 yards

Total Offense South Carolina: 402 yards

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