Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites, 9/26/12

Scott Cunningham - Getty Images

All the 'Dawg news that's fit to print. Or at least, a lot of it.

It's the midpoint of another week, we've managed to switch over to a new site design without burning the place to the ground, and kickoff in Sanford Stadium is fast approaching. Here's what's happening around Bulldog Nation:

Marc Weiszer is stating the obvious about Bacarri Rambo and Alec Ogletree, which is a helluva lot more than we can say about Mark Richt, who's clearly not saying anything. Snitches get stitches y'all. Never forget that.

The Banner-Herald also has the story of gigantic Tennessee nose tackle Daniel McCullers, who at 6'8 and 377 pounds will be the only guy David Andrews faces this season bigger than the two towers he sees in practice every day. I scouted McCullers when he was at GMC last year and Georgia was recruiting him. While he'll definitely be a handful, unless he's really gotten in better shape since then, I'm not that worried. The kid had all the cornering ability of an aircraft carrier, and the stamina to match. All that being said, and to quote Bear Bryant, fast guys get tired. Big guys don't shrink.

Ain't no stink eye like Babs Dooley stink eye, cause the Babs Dooley stink eye don't stop! Just ask Christian Robinson.

Also, Mike Bobo figured out a way to get himself banned from off campus recruiting for a month by....taking a recruit to a tennis match. That's the harmless 3rd and 15 dive of recruiting violations, magic Mike. Bravo.

Speaking of recruiting, expect a solid list of visiting prospects to be in town this weekend for the Tennessee game. It looks like one of them will be Dooly County defensive lineman Montravious Adams, the top uncommitted prospect in the state and a major Bulldog target. With all of the other top flight instate talent headed out of the Peach State, Adams may be the Bulldog staff's last best hope to prevent a tsunami of whining on National Signing Day about all the ones who got away. Oh, who am I kidding? That's gonna happen no matter what. Let's go with "he's the best guy out there to replace Abry Jones at defensive end" and leave it there.

Stay tuned for more Bulldog coverage throughout the day here at Dawg Sports. Until later . . .

Go 'Dawgs!!!

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