Your Weekly NCAA 13 Preview: Tennessee @ UGA

I'm here again with your weekly Sunday preview of next weekend's game. Week 5 is against Tennessee. Hopefully we'll be able to Vanderbilt them, but it won't likely be such a thing. It sure wasn't in this week's preview. One thing to note however: DaRick Rogers is still a WR on the Vols team in this game, and he proves useful for them. All starters are back, although Alec Ogletree would partially tear his MCL in the 3rd quarter, making him unavailable for the next 6 weeks (imaginably, of course).

It was a defensive showdown in the 1st quarter, with the only offense mustered up was a Tennessee field goal, making the game 3-0 after the first.

The 2nd quarter was an absolute shootout, with Tennessee and UGA both actually scoring a touchdown. Early on, Aaron Murray threw an interception which was returned 67 yards for a Volunteer touchdown, making it 10-0 Tennesee. Up to this time, Tennessee was masterfully chomping up the time, and making long 60+ yard drives down the field, while I usually went 3 and out on each of my first series. However, in the 2-minute drill, I was mixing up the run and pass efficiently enough to get some points on the board. With 0:13 left in the 1st half, I threw a 19-yard touchdown pass to Marlon Brown, making it 10-7 Tennesee after 2.

The 3rd quarter was one of futility for me. I got greedy early on. On my first drive of the 2nd half, I went to 4th down on my first series on my own 38 yard line. I went for it on 4th down and failed, giving Tennesse awesome field position in a close game. I tried my best, but they converted 3 consecutive 3rd down opportunities, ending it with a 16-yard touchdown pass to Da'Rick Rogers, making it 17-7 Tennesse with 6:54 left in the 3rd quarter. However, I got back on my high horse and ran down the field, capping it off with a 27-yard touchdown run by Ken Malcome, making it 17-14 Tennessee with 1:33 left in the 3rd.

The 4th quarter was dramatic and admirable. I made all my plays count, but to no avail on my first drive of the 4th. It ended with Marshall Morgan missing a 41-yard field goal wide right, so it stayed 17-14 for the Vols with 7:56 left in the game. However, my defense would stop them on their first series, which included a sack from Abry Jones, forcing them to punt on their own 1-yard line. This gave me perfect starting field ground, already in Tennessee territory. I took up a lot of time, and ended a smooth drive with a 33-yard field goal by Marshall Morgan, making it 17-17 with 3:34 left in the game.

Tennessee really marched down the field the next drive, but it ended with an interception, giving me awesome field position on my own 47 yard line. I got a few big completions to Marlon Brown and Tavarres King on 3rd down, and I was on Tennesee's 28-yard line. However, I was on the right hash mark, which is a problem for me. You see, when kicking field goals and kickoffs in the game, you use the right analog stick. So, when you want to move the direction of it to the left, you have to compensate for it by moving the right analog stick to the left as well when kicking. However, on my controller the area where I would move the right-analog stick to the upper left is chipped, making some kicks miss wide left or wide right because the stick eitehr a) accidentally gets caught in it when trying to make an almost-perfectly straight kick, making it go to the left, or b) when trying to move the stick to the left, it moves too far to the left, making the kick go very far left.

So as a result, I did some Draw plays to get the ball in the middle of the field, making it an easy kick for me. I let the clock run down to 0:05 before using my last timeout, making it a 27-yard field goal attempt for Marshall Morgan to win the game. Another feature in the game is that opposing teams can call a timeout late in the 4th quarter to attempt to "ice the kicker". This, being recognized as an attempt to do so, makes the kicking meter actually turn into an icy circle, covering up the power and accuracy bars. Also, it makes the camera angle get down to field level, making the direction meter hard to judge. So, I tried my best to compensate for the camera angle and the inability to see the power/accuracy meter. And it worked, with the kick going right down the middle to give me a 20-17 lead with 0:02 left in the game. I squibbed the kickoff, and the final in Athens is:



Aaron Murray, UGA: 20-34 // 229 yards // 1 TD // 2 INT // 113.3 rating

Tyler Bray, Tenn: 14-30 // 181 yards // 1 TD // 4 INT // 81.6 rating

Todd Gurley, UGA: 17 rushes // 44 yards // 2.5 YPC

Ken Malcome, UGA: 12 rushes // 98 yards // 8.1 YPC

Keith Marshall, UGA: 2 rushes // -1 yards // -0.5 YPC

Marlin Lane, Tenn: 13 rushes // 22 yards // 1.6 YPC

Tavarres King, UGA: 5 catches // 44 yards // 8.8 AVG

Marlon Brown, UGA: 5 catches // 105 yards // 21.0 AVG // 1 TD

Michael Bennett, UGA: 4 catches // 48 yards // 12.0 AVG


Bacarri Rambo: 4 tackles // 1 INT

Sanders Commings: 4 tackles // 1 INT

Branden Smith: 2 tackles // 2 INT

Michael Gilliard: 7 tackles // 3 TFL

Jarvis Jones: 3 tackles // 1 sack


Marshall Morgan: 2-3 field goal attempts


UGA rushing: 32 rushes // 145 yards // 4.5 YPC // 1 TD

Tenn rushing: 21 rushes // 17 yards // 0.8 YPC

UGA 3rd down: 5-15 (33%)

Tenn 3rd down: 6-14 (42%)

UGA Total offense: 374 yards

Tenn Total offense: 198 yards

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