Your Weekly NCAA 13 Preview: UGA @ Mizzou

First of all, my apologies up front to the mods if it seems like this comes a little quick, but I wanted to get it out of the way and put up every Sun. for the game Saturday of that week, so to allow for more relevancy and exposure leading up to said game.

The second game of the year is UGA @ Mizzou, and it looks to be a real slopper. Multiple players likely/certainly suspended, plus any possible injuries. By the way: If RSIV has practiced at fullback and tailback, why not run some spread a couple times with he and another running back in the I-Form? Now, on to the game. Disclaimer: I did not take out Commings, Vasser, Rambo, or Ogletree, so my apologies for that. On to the action:

I started out very strong on a foggy, 70-degree night in Columbia at 8:00. Clouds were gathering, and so were the Ghost Riders in the Sky. I won the toss and elected to receive, giving me the opening drive of the game. I mixed in running and passing well enough for a 60-yard, 11-play drive that resulted in a Marshall Morgan 33-yard field goal. 3-0 UGA.

After Mizzou started their drive, things got even better. After a few medicore plays, Sanders Commings returned an interception 29 yards for a touchdown. 10-0 Bulldogs with about 6:00 to go in the 1st quarter.

Things were uneventful for the rest of the first, and in the second Mizzou finally answered, with an 18-yard run from quarterback James Franklin for a touchdown. 10-7 Bulldogs

All throughout the game Murray was mediocre, throwing multiple interceptions on small-scale plays, and it finally bit him in the 3rd quarter. Murray threw an interception that was returned 45 yards for a Mizzou touchdown, which made the game 14-10 Yellow Tigers.

In the 4th, I got the patterns down and owned Mizzou's defense. I never stopped, with Murray throwing 2 touchdowns that quarter, one a 6-yard pass to Tavarres King, and one a 6-yard pass to Rantavious Wooten, which made it 24-14 Dawgs, and 24-14 is your final score.

FINAL: UGA 24, Mizzou 14


Aaron Murray UGA: 21-39 // 209 yards // 2 TD // 5 INT // 90.1 QB rating

James Franklin Mizzou: 7-17 // 97 yards // 0 TD // 1 INT // 77.3 QB rating


Ken Malcome UGA: 17 rushes // 101 yards // 5.9 YPC

Keith Marshall UGA: 8 rushes // 77 yards // 9.6 YPC

Richard Samuel IV UGA: 7 rushes // 18 yards // 2.5 YPC

Todd Gurley UGA: 3 rushes // 1 yard // 0.3 YPC


Tavarres King UGA: 8 catches // 73 yards // 9.1 yards per catch // 1 TD

Michael Bennett UGA: 5 catches // 46 yards // 9.2 yards per catch

Rantavious Wooten UGA: 2 catches // 16 yards // 8.0 yards per catch

Marlon Brown UGA: 1 catch // 8 yards

Chris Conley UGA: 1 catch // 6 yards


Alec Ogletree: 3 TFL

Bacarri Rambo: 1 TFL

Abry Jones: 3 sacks

Sanders Commings: 1 INT

Jarvis Jones: 2 TFL


Marshall Morgan: 1-1 FG // 33-yard FG

Collin Barber: 3 punts // 111 yards // 37.0 avg kick


UGA: 40 rushes // 205 yards // 5.13 YPC

Mizzou: 24 rushes // 42 yards // 1.75 YPC // 1 TD

UGA: 3rd down conversions: 8-17

Mizzou: 3rd down conversions: 0-9

UGA Total Yards: 499

Mizzou Total Yards: 220

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