Bracket of Hate: Week 3

We slammed through week 2, poll problems and all. Now after a brief recap of the hate building from last week we will get into some serious hard feelings after the jump. So far as we have moved through the first 2 weeks there have been no upsets in the rankings. The higher seeded teams have won and we end week 2 looking at 4 match-ups of #1 vs #2. In a surprisingly close game between the #1 Seeded Gators against the Longhorns of Texas, Florida managed to pull out a squeaker by narrowly winning with a 96%-4% victory (yeah there were actually a few people that voted for Texas). #2 Southern Cal continued winning with a 82%-18% margin over #3 Arkansas. In the weeks closest competition The #2 Volunteers escaped #3 Ohio State by a 64%-36% clip. #1 Notre Dame proved that our hate is strong and never dies. They walked over #4 Penn State 82%-18%. Our little brothers from North Avenue proved that the #1 seeded Yellow Jackets can win at something and they crushed the #4 Hurricanes 93%-7% (Miami garnered a few more votes than Texas this week). The #2 Tide continues to roll with a 82%-18% victory over #3 Vanderbilt. The anticipated battle for the hate in the Palmetto State really never developed. The hate for Spurrier and the #2 Gamecocks new found sense of importance trounced history and a rivalry grown cold by a margin of 71%-29% over #3 seeded Clemson. And in the battle of the SEC Tigers #1 Auburn easily marched on by a 89%-11% score over LSU (LSU actually scored a few votes).


(Click to see the big picture)

To help build the hate a little, I am going to go out on a limb and post a few jokes about the teams still fighting in this tournament. If there is one thing everyone hates almost as bad the teams left are the old, tired jokes about them.

Game 17: A man walks into a store and says, "I would like a orange hat, blue pants, green sweater, and white shoes." The clerk says, "Are you a Gator fan?" "Yes," replies the man, "How did you guess--by the color combination?" "No," answers the clerk, "because this is a hardware store."

Great inventions to come out of Southern Cal: The solar-powered flashlight, Dehydrated water and Fireproof matches.

Game 18: A man inherited over one billion dollars from a long lost uncle who happened to be an oil baron. The man, thrilled at his good fortune, asked his young son what he wanted. He told his child that money was no object. The boy said he wanted a Mickey Mouse outfit. So the man bought him the University of Tennessee.

Did you hear that two of the Notre Dame playbooks were stolen? Brian Kelly is very upset. He wasn’t finished coloring them.

Game 19: Alabama football coach Nick Saban asked the freshman walk-on hopeful if he could tackle. The kid said, "Yes sir coach, I can tackle." The coach then asked, "Well, can you run?" The kid said, "Yes sir coach, I can run very fast." Saban then said, "Can you pass a football?" The kid thought for a second and said, "Well coach, if I can swallow it I can probably pass it."

One morning, the seven dwarfs go to work in the mine. When Snow White delivers their lunches, she finds there has been a cave-in, and there's no sign of the dwarfs. Tearfully, Snow White shouts down the mine shaft, "Hello! Is anyone there? Can you hear me Sneezy, Sleepy, Grumpy, Dopey, Doc, Happy and Bashful?" A voice floats up from the bowels of the mine: "Paul Johnson is a great football coach." "Thank goodness," says Snow White, "at least Dopey's still alive!"

Game 20: What’s the difference between a litter of puppies and Steve Spurrier? Puppies stop whining after 8 weeks.

How can you tell if an Auburn football player has a girlfriend? Tobacco juice on both sides of the pickup truck.

Now for Week 3. As I mentioned earlier they are all #1 Seeds vs #2 Seeds, so if I got the seeding correct there should be some good outflow of hate in these pairings. We have filtered out the disdain, eliminated the game day dislike and move into what borders on truly who do we hate. Coincidentally, most of these pairings feature History versus Hubris (or more aptly put history with hubris versus historical hubris). Not a lot of commentary required for the advancing teams so we will just get to the the match-ups (especially since most of you are still a little sick from the jokes).

Game 17 features the Florida Gators against the Trojans of Southern Cal. Can Lane Kiffen lead his squad to victory over Will Muschamp and the Lesser Cousins of Crocodiles?

Game 18 takes us to a match-up between the Gold Domes of #1 Seeded Notre Dame against the team that forces Barbara Dooley to wear hideous orange dresses with while polka dots, #2 Seeded Tennessee

Game 19 should really test the level of hate in most of us. #1 Georgia Tech takes on #2 Alabama. Does the Tide Roll on or do we move out little brothers into Week 4?

And our last match-up for the week of "Losers Don't Get Christmas Cards from UGA Fans" gives us the Spurrier led #2 Seeded GameCocks versus the #1 Tigers of Auburn. Is TKK going to exact his revenge on SCAR for knocking Clemson out of the tourny and stuff the ballot box for Auburn?

As we start this poll we are less than 4 weeks from kickoff. So go here to vote for your most hated 4 teams left in the running. Hopefully you will not be able to quickly just click away and have to search deep inside your Bulldog heart to decipher who you hate more. Have fun and enjoy and remember when it comes SEC football...hate early and hate often. This poll will remain open until 11:59pm Saturday August the 11th.

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