Bracket of HATE: We have a winner - er Loser - well the most hated

6 more days of this horrible summer. 6 more days until the sound of clashing pads echo in Sanford again. Let me start this final entry in my Bracket of Hate series with a hearty THANK YOU to all those participated. Somewhere around 1500 votes, hundreds of comments and I think that this little exercise has not only focused our hate as a group, but has also ignited the fire inside each of us for the upcoming season. How does this affect us throughout the season? Well lets look back and see what is expected of us as we roll through the 2012 opponents.


Buffalo: Ah hell, they are visitors, Yankees, but still, no real reason to hate them..Just beat them silly and invite some fans to eat some fine Southern BBQ and imbibe...we can even warn these guys about A-CC, scooters and blind alleys (after the game, don't want to be seen as too nice to these guys).

Missouri: Hate is reserved for Saturday meetings. Which is a fine level of hate for their first year (and our second overall meeting). After reading some of the comments and articles from our "friends" over at Rock M Nation I fully expect the Tigers to creep up on our hate meter over the years -a snapshot of their fanbase portray some of them as delusional enough to join the ranks of SCAR and GT

FAU: See above, but delete the Yankee part

Vandy: Aside from us wanting to watch Grantham mount Franklin on a pike outside Sanford, We can shake hands with the fan base and let the hate build to next year..I think they hate us more than we hate them

Tennessee: On the safe side, don't take them hunting, but if you do give them kevlar. The already have the Orange Jumpsuits (although they may need to get another one soon)

South Carolina: I would imagine that we hate the fan base a little more than our bracket fleshed out, but damn they had such a tough schedule. They had to play (and lost again) to Auburn. Even that does not get them a Christmas Card from us. If you want the appropriate level of Hate due to your program (or even a trip to Atlanta) beat Auburn.

Kentucky: This year we can travel to the Bluegrass State, enjoy some fine southern brown wine (bourbon), watch a fun, frustrating football game while stealthy sipping more brown wine, retire to the post game parties, shake hands and let the hate die down as we smile and say "well see you once in basketball soon"

Florida: The HATE of HATE...The National Champions of HATE. we should cut the state of Florida off and let them float away but more on them below...

Ole Miss: Homecoming in Sanford with the best party people in the SEC. Party with them before the game, hate them during, shake hands and party until the sun comes up...we will not get to see them for a few years, make this one last. (at least we should not have to worry about housebreaking these Mississippians)

Auburn: HATE WEEK 2...not many fanbases can survive one hate week, but we as UGA fans get two (maybe 3 a season). We have to travel to the world's lowliest village on a plain...Bring the gasoline we can hope for a fire.

Georgia Southern: We gave them the best thing that ever happened to their football program...Erk Russell. How do they pay us back...Paul Johnson and the triple option.

Georgia Tech: Pity our little brother, but pity them while you hate them. Yellow Jackets are foul nasty gnats that need to be swatted. Take them hunting, bring the kevlar and maybe forget to tell them where it is.

OK now to the hate of our champion. Flordia rolls. Could it be the recent one-sided results of contest past? Could it be the Jorts...the mullets...the slapping of hands together with exaggerated arm movement? Could it be Tim Tebow, Chris Rainey, Brandon Spikes? Could it be Urban Meyers, Steve Spurrier, Will Muschamp? Or is it we find it easier to hate a team that cannot trace its origin to a specific year? Or is it all of this and MUCH, MUCH more? I mean this is the hate that led on reader on here to post that he basically hates his family because of Florida.

My Uncle, Aunt, Grandfather and other Uncle all went to Florida.

Oh lord do I hate Florida

(name redacted to protect him at family gatherings)

Whatever your reason for hate you have spoken and we have the most hated team in Dawg Nation.




Thanks again ya'll...and as always GO DAWGS

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