Bracket of Hate Week 4 (part 1)

For the semi-finals and the final I wanted to keep the vote on DawgSports so we can all track the fun and the hate, so bear with me as I break this week's bracket into 2 separate posts. Before we get started talking about some real hate, let's look at how this week's opponents fared in week 3. On the left side of the bracket, we had the Gators absolutely decimating Lane Kiffen and the Trojans buy an embarrassing margin of ALL to NONE...Florida is the only team to date to shut out an opponent (thankfully their defense cannot do the same). Not to be outdone, the Tickhounds of Tennessee made news in the bracket by becoming the first lower-ranked team to over come a higher seed as they sent the Gold Domes back South Bend way with a 74%-26% victory. So that sets us up for the first part of the semi-finals...The Orange of Florida versus the Orange of Tennessee...Rocky Top against the Swamp...A former UGA Defensive Captain taking on the Son of Dooley.

House_divided_flag_florida_vs VS. F0006031_medium

Now for some moments to build the hate for each team. I will start with the under-dog (literally...coon hound really???).

Lane Kiffen only managed to keep one promise to the Vol Nation...that was never to lose to UGA...well in the only game he coached for Tennessee, they did beat UGA 45-19

Peyton Manning not only led the Vols to outscore UGA 97-57 in his three years there but like lane Kiffen he was undefeated (3-0). That was also part of the 0 for the 90's where UGA went 0-7 against the Vols.

In 2006, #10 UGA (with the nation's best defense) met #13 Tennessee in Sanford where the Vols promptly hung over half a hundred on the Dawgs (51-33).

Forcing Mrs. Vince Dooley to wear this hideous outfit Vince_and_barbara_dooley_medium

And of course I could never forget that Once two strangers climbed Ole Rocky Top lookin' for a moonshine still...blah blah..Rocky Top you'll always be blah blah..and if you have ever been to Neyland even once you can't forget it either.

As for a little personal note on this rival, my brother-in-law is one of them and each year we place a little wager on the game. Following the Hob-Nail Boot Game, I gathered up one of my oldest military boot, drove a few 10 penny nails through the sole near the toe, mounted a Mack Bulldog on the toe and gave it to him as a present for Christmas...that has now evolved into the day after the game we have a presentation party and the recipient (the losing team fan) has to display the boot prominently in his house for a year. So I gotta little riding on this each year.

Now for the gators...

DO I have to say much more than Meyers, Spurrier, Youngblood and Tebow??? well OK maybe just a little more. 1928 in Savannah GA, UGA suffered a loss to the hated gators 26-6...goes a little further back than the hate from the 90's decade.

1949 post WWI, lost again to the lesser cousins of crocodiles 28-7...

1984: 27-0 (Ya gotta hate gettin' blanked by the Jacksonville salamanders)

And the coup de grace...1995: HALF a HUNDRED

I could go on and talk about the hated gator spasms (chomp)..the jorts...the attitude..but we all know what UGA vs Florida means...It is the WORLD'S LARGEST OUTDOOR COCKTAIL PARTY and then 100K fans cram into a dingy NFL stadium to watch two teams battle to the end...

Either way you vote there is no wrong choice..just vote and make your feelings felt.

(part two to be published a little later Sunday)

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