Bracket of Hate: Week 2

Last we we launched on reaching a consensus of the most hated team in the DawgSports fandom. An excellent response from the voters (106 votes) and great comments in the thread. Some were jumping the gun and declaring their hatred for a particular team a little early, but that is fine as we can always share some good hate any time for one or two particular teams. This week we move into Week 2 of our 5 week tournament, with the games of "We Can Stand to Shake Hands with the Losers". After the jump a quick review of last weeks results and then we will introduce 8 new teams (the #1 and #2 Seeds) and really get the hate going. Apologies for closing the week 1 poll early but I had unscheduled travel pop up and I will not be on the intraweb Sunday.

Below is the update bracket after the votes were tallied (click on the image for an expanded view)


Don't let anyone ever tell you that UGA fans reserve their hate for only SEC teams. Week 1 displayed six pairings of SEC vs. outsiders and the outsiders advanced in 4 of the 6. Game 1 had the Longhorns knocking off Ole Miss 80%-20%. In the most contested match-up of the week Oklahoma had a good showing but it was not quite enough to pull the upset of Arkansas. The Hogs win the day with a 53%-47% victory, which shows that even though UGA has never faced Oklahoma hate is national. Old hate of a coach carried the day against the hype machine, as Ohio State destroyed Boise 84%-16%. Isn't it great to know that we still hate the Yankee version of Urban? In game 4, we have another example of the spread of Dawg Nation hate as Penn State won by a 3-1 margin (74%-16%) over Mississippi State. Maybe the Hate for Miami is resonating from the former FSU members of the Bulldogs coaching staff as Miami soundly marches into week 2 with a 85%-15% thrashing of the new SEC Mizzou Tigers. Game 6 was really a mis-match created by the selection panel. Even though Georgia Southern claims Erk and GATA, they were no match, in what turned out to be this week's run-away stomping, for Vanderbilt. Vandy 91% to GaSouthern's 9%. Some of us must still think Clemson is a rival as we easy advanced the Palmetto Tigers to week 2 with a sound 88%-12% over Kentucky (well OK they were pitted against Kentucky). And in the week's only SEC vs SEC match-up the old won out over the new as Texas A&M fell to the grass-eating Les Miles led LSU.

Now on to week 2.

Game 9 features the #1 Seeded FLORIDA Gators taking on last weeks victorious #4 Seed TEXAS Longhorns. While this one should be an obvious choice for most of us, having personally lived in Texas I know there may be a few Dawg fans that realize how obnoxious Texas can be (I mean they OWN their own network), but can that over come the past two decades of heartbreak in Jacksonville, the magic of the WLOCP, and all of the gator-chomping? As noted last week UGA is a paltry 1-3 vs Texas and UGA is 48-40-2 (or 47-40-2 if you believe the gators-which I DO NOT). Well vote away and see how bad the hate is.

Game 10 has the beach bums of Troy coming into play this as a surprising #2 Seed facing #3 Seed Arkansas. Arkansas is fresh off last weeks victory with momentum rolling into Los Angeles. We know this match-up has to occur in LA as Southern Cal never plays in an SEC venue. UGA has faced USCw 3 times and never between the hedges, which may explain why UGA is 0-3-0 against the Trojans (and unless we faced Arkansas last week and I missed it UGA is still 9-4-0 against the Hogs). So can the Hog riding (with a cute asst) Hogs led by a crazy interim coach over come the national hatred for the beach bums of Troy?

Game 11 should shape up to be a good one. We have a team led by one of the most hated coaches in the State of Georgia vs a team that plays one of the most hated songs in the State of Georgia ad nauseam. That's right, we have #3 Seed Ohio State taking on the tick hounds of #2 Seed Tennessee. UGA sports a 18-21-2 record against the Volunteers. A few good things have happened when UGA faced Tennessee (like the introduction of the best collegiate player in history and CMR's 100th win), but there have been some ugly bumps along the way as well (up until 2011 CMR was win less in Neyland). So do we hate the rivalry and the history more than we hate the man?

Game 12 features a battle between Yankees. The scandal clouded #4 Seed Penn State University (UGA is 0-1-0) takes on the gold flakes of #1 Seed Notre Dame (UGA is perfect 1-0-0 against the Irish). Some people are talking like this season may be the first since 1980 that Notre Dame may actually be relevant which is a strange occurrence since 2012 may be the last time PSU is relevant for a decade or so. One of the best, if not the best, moments in UGA history did happen at the expense of Notre Dame, but will the memories of that game be enough for us to drop the hate for the Irish and move PSU into next week?

Game 13 is a battle of ACC hate. We have last week's Hurricanes blowing into Historic Bobby...blah blah take on The Yellow Jackets. Georgia holds the edge in both series going 7-4-1 against #4 Seeded Miami and 62-39-5 against our little brother #1 Seeded Georgia Tech. Do we actually hate the gnats or has it started to move to pity? Outside of the reasons the rest of America hates Miami, why do UGA fans hate them? When you really look at this match-up it is very life-like to actual ACC vs ACC football. Does it really matter? But in the end it is "Clean, Ole Fashioned Hate" going against Miami. I know who gets my vote, but who do we hate more?

Game 14 sees #3 Vanderbilt riding in after a blow-out victory last week but running into a power house of hatred. #2 Alabama has a reputation of errbody hating them. While there have been some efforts of late to reach across the divide and unite the fans of UGA and the Tide is it enough. Or does last year's memory of chops and an uncontrolled rookie head coach serve as a spring board to vault Vandy over Bama? UGA is 52-18-2 against the 'Dores and 25-36-4 against the Tide.

Game 15 could easily be a final four match-up, but the threads of fate (well OK I did it on purpose) have placed them in week 2. We have the battle of the Palmetto State. The clash of rival vs non-rival. Who do we hate more the #3 Seeded Tigers of Clemson or the #2 Seeded SCAR Gamecocks. Some on here claim that SCAR is a bigger rival than Clemson and some on here claim the opposite. Forget who is the rival, who do we really hate from South Carolina?

Game 16 finishes off this week of hate with the #4 Seed LSU Tigers fresh off a victory of a fellow SEC West brother to face yet another opponent West brother in that of #1 Seeded Auburn Plainsmen Tigers War Eagles er whatever they are calling themselves this week. I still enjoy a good crawfish boil and Abita beer, but the thrashing they gave us in the 2nd half of last years SECCG still leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Plus Mathieu's fumble touchdown a rooskie just proves that the living spirit of Penn Wages haunts UGA whether he is on the field or not. Since CMR has taken the helm UGA is 3-4 against the LSU Tigers, including a sad 1-2 record in the SECCG. Are these recent heart breaks enough to replace the virulent feelings we have towards the other team involved in the Deep South's oldest Rivalry? The same rivalry where Auburn handed UGA it's sole loss in the 1942 National Championship drive. Tommy Tubberville beating us in 1999. and I won't mention the 180K man or Gene. There have been some great memories as well. Fran Tarkenton's come from behind victory in 1959 (thanks to a fumble recovery by Pat Dye). The 1996 first OT game in SEC history (UGA won in 4 OTs) and UGA V was so hungry he went up to an Auburn Baker and asked for a little bite. And OF COURSE I will mention Vince Dooley. We shouldn't even have to vote here, but vote away Dawgs.

This poll will be open until Midnight, Saturday Aug 5th and week three will start on Sunday the 6th. just think when we crown the most hated team in UGA fandom, we will be just days away from the first kickoff of the 2012 Bulldog season. So vote away (here) and let the hate continue to build cause it is almost the sweetest time of year in the SOUTH. And as always GO DAWGS

(as a side note, I have switched to another survey site, this one allows more responses and questions and can be made anonymous - which I did; so if you have any negative feed back let me know.)

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