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As I was responding (venting) to chuckdawg's post, an idea struck me...What team is the most hated team in America on fall Saturdays within the Bulldog Nation. So as with all things that should decide a champion I have devised a bracket. I have selected the obvious teams that we all feel some level for disdain for, I have selected some that just have a national smugness about them that everyone (except for the fans of) feels a level of dislike for, and some I have selected we will never play again but there are reasons that they are in my bracket...some of them are just there because I don't like them.

Since we have 5 empty weeks before the Bulls come into Athens I will run this over that time period and we, the Bulldog Nation can select, by popular vote - the results will have nothing to do with your own level of hatred towards a particular team, but at least when we play the most hated (if we play them or if a less hated team plays them) we can all agree to hate them with everything in our body for that particular Saturday...see this way on 11/24/12 we can all cheer for the least hated between USC and Notre Dame.

I have selected 24 teams and divided them into 4 brackets with 6 seeds each. I thought I would save a few games of voting and allowed my number 1 and 2 seeds to have a bye week during the first week of competition (the dark side is strong in this one).


(click the image for a readable view of the bracket)

SO with out further ado lets get started with Week One (or what I prefer to call "Hate for the Losers is just reserved for Saturday Meetings" week).

In game 1 we have 4th Seed Texas vs 5th Seed Ole Miss. I placed Texas in here because, well, errbody hates Texas. UGA has played Texas 4 time and has a 1-3 record against the Longhorns but we all know what time it is in Texas. Ole Miss limps into the poll as a 5th seed, the main reason they are here is that they are SEC and I felt an obligation to include all SEC teams in the Bracket of Hate. UGA is 31-12-1 against the Rebels Ackbars Brown Bears.

Game 2 features Arkansas (3 seed) vs 6 seed Oklahoma. Arkansas is there because as a relative new comer in the SEC (I have drank whiskey older than Arky has been in the SEC) the have a little too much pride for their status in the SEC. UGA is 9-4 against the piglets. Oklahoma makes its way into the poll just because they are Oklahoma and those of us old enough to remember hate them from the 70's and 80's. UGA has never met the Sooners on the field.

Game 3 has 3 Seed Ohio State vs 6 Seed Boise St. Once again here we have a team that only the faithful can like pairing off against a team outside the SEC. UGA boasts a perfect record against the Buckeyes (1-0) but one of our most hated coaches is currently residing there. Boise, well lets just say that the 1-1 record does not make up for the way I feel about the hype videos we are punished with each year.

Game 4 has a program currently embroiled in scandal (4 Seed Penn St) versus a team that refers to themselves as DAWGS (5 Seed Mississippi St). UGA is 0-1 against the Nittany Lions while sporting a 17-6-0 record against the Delta of Mud pups.

Game 5 take us over to the right side of the bracket where we find $4 Seed Miami taking on 5 Seed Missouri. UGA is a surprising 7-4-1 against the water born tornadoes and a spotless 1-0 against to CoMo Tigers. While we may find ourselves rooting for the Hurricanes when they play the Techies how do we feel when paired against our new brethren in the SEC?

Game 6 finds us looking at who we dislike more between the 'Dores of the Music City (3 Seed) against the Eagles of Georgia Southern (6 Seed). We all know that CTG would love to rip the head off of the lead Commodore even though the Bulldogs hold a decisive 52-18-2 track record but since last season the hate is boiling up, but remember that the Eagles lay claim to Erk and GATA. If that is not enough to bring a little blood to boil then you may not have enough hate inside you (UGA is 4-0 against GA Southern)

Game 7 is a battle of the cats featuring an under-seeded Clemson (only a 3 Seed) against a team that only made the poll because they are in the SEC (6 Seed Kentucky). While I grew up hating "death valley" and Clemson probably started my hatred of orange, we just don't play them enough. UGA is 41-17-4 against Clemson and sports a hefty 51-12-2 mark against the Bluegrass Wildcats.

Game 8 ends week 1 with a battle between 4 Seed LSU and 5 Seed Texas A&M. Both are SEC West teams that we meet very infrequently and really from my standpoint I can't really say I truly hate either of them. UGA is 12-16-1 against the Bayou Bengals and 2-3 against the Aggies.

I tried to do this with the SBNation Poll, but could not figure out how to do multiple questions within a poll so please click on this Survey Monkey link and vote away. I will tally the results on Monday and publish the second round (We Can Stand to Shake the Losers Hand) next Tuesday.

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