EA NCAA FB 13--UGA vs. Mizz, Auburn, Florida, and GT & All Player Ratings!

I have found a lot of gold footage for UGA here on NCAA Football 13.

UGA v. Missouri Simulated Game

First, from YouTube, there are 4, 4 links I’ve found to YouTube, each being 1 quarter of a CPU game of UGA at Mizzou. This is raw, uncut footage of Georgia in NCAA Football 13. This is over 30 minutes of footage.

- UGA is ranked 6th in the game.

- Spoiler-UGA won the game, 10-7.

- Murray: 9-12, 152 yds, 1 TD.

- One of the funniest moments watching it was in the 1st quarter video at 3:12 when the Studio Update says that Alabama (the Natl. Champs) beat Western Kentucky (the Hilltoppers) 26-21.

Here are the links:

1st Quarter:

2nd Quarter:

3rd Quarter:

4th Quarter:

UGA v. Auburn Clip!

I have found new footage on YouTube. This 3 minute clip is of UGA @ Auburn. One thing to see immediately is that Not Branden Smith is the kick returner for UGA. Also, Aaron Murray is an impact player, as expected. Alex Ogletree (the fullback) has dreadlocks. Here is the link:

UGA v. Georgia Tech!

I have found new footage on YouTube. This is a 13 minute video of UGA versus Georgia Tech. Sanders Commings makes an interception, Bacarri Rambo makes an interception, Branden Smith makes a Pick 6, and Damian Swann makes a Pick 6, returning the interception 92 yards for a TD, and the final score is 21-10 UGA. Here is the link:

UGA v. Florida Clip!

More from YouTube, as I've found a 3 minute clip of UGA versus Florida. Nothing really to report about it here, as Florida finished the half with a 10-3 lead. Here is the link:

All Player Ratings For UGA!

Next, I've found individual player ratings for UGA, from an article right here on SB Nation:

The link to the YouTube (for full-screen purposes):!

To see for yourself, go to 5:00 in that video, and it will take you to the UGA page. Here are the individual ratings, and I've identified as many of the players as I can:

1. Not Aaron Murray: 95 overall

2. Not Bacarri Rambo: 92 overall

3. Not Isaiah Crowell: 91 overall

4. Not Jarvis Jones: 90 overall

5. Not Tavarres King: 89 overall

6. Not Mike Gilliard: 88 overall

7. Not Dallas Lee: 87 overall

8. Not Malcom Mitchell (as a WR): 87 overall

9. Not Austin Long: 86 overall

10. Not Branden Smith: 86 overall

11. Not Chris Burnette: 85 overall

12. Not Michael Bennett: 85 overall

13. Not Sanders Commings (as a safety for some reason): 85 overall

14. Not Abry Jones: 84 overall

15. Not Alec Ogletree: 84 overall

16. Not John Jenkins: 83 overall

17. Not Watts Dantzler: 83 overall

18. Not David Andrews: 83 overall

19. Not Damian Swann: 82 overall

20. Not Richard Samuel IV (as a running back): 82 overall

21. Not Cornelius Washington (as a linebacker): 82 overall

22. Not Arthur Lynch: 82 overall

23. Not Kenarious Gates: 81 overall

24. Not Ken Malcome: 81 overall

25. Right Defensive End #85: 81 overall

26. Not Kwame Geathers: 81 overall

27. Right Guard #65 (Perhaps Hunter Long): 80 overall

28. Not Shawn Williams: 80 overall

29. Not Alex Ogletree: 80 overall

30. Not Garrison Smith: 80 overall

31. Not Hutson Mason: 80 overall

32. Not Chris Conley: 79 overall

33. Not James Rome: 79 overall

34. Center #55: 79 overall

35. Punter #7: 79 overall

36. Not Eddie McQuillen: 78 overall

37. Not Blake Sailors: 78 overall

38. Not Amarlo Herrera: 78 overall

39. Kicker #90: 78 overall

40. Not Dexter Morant: 77 overall

41. Not Marlon Brown: 77 overall

42. Not Xzavier Ward: 77 overall

43. Not Connor Norman: 76 overall

44. Not Parker Welch: 76 overall

45. Half-Back #32 (Brandon Harton or Kyle Karempelis): 76 overall

46. Not Chase Vasser: 75 overall

47. Not Michael Thornton: 75 overall

48. Tight End #89: 75 overall

49. Not Ray Drew (as a linebacker): 74 overall

50. Not Kolton Houston: 74 overall

51. Not Luis Capella: 73 overall

52. Not Rantavious Wooten: 73 overall

So pretty much there's confusion already. The Special Teams players are all messed up. Keith Marshall, Todd Gurley, and Brandon Harton will need to be created. Watts Dantzler, Merritt Hall, Justin Scott-Wesley, Christian Robinson, Ramik Wilson, and Kolton Houston will need to be created as well.

In case you haven't already heard, UGA has a 95 overall team rating, a 95 offense rating, a 91 defense rating, and a 5 prestige.

Lastly, a few notes about NCAA Football 13. I've posted a FanShot for a link to an article on SBNation showing a NCAA Football 13 promo for Tim Tebow as a UGA Bulldog. In the closing seconds of the commercial, they also show Herschel Walker as a Florida Gator.

I have also found the letter ratings for Georgia's overall ratings: Their overall rating, 95 is an A+, their defense rating, 91, is a B+, and their offense rating, 95, is an A.

NCAA Football 13 comes out on July 10th, for Playstation 3 and Xbox 360.

If you're looking for a reliable roster to download to get all the names of all teams, look no further than That means, when you type in the name of the roster you want to download, type in "gamingtailgate" without the quotation marks. I've tried gamingtailgate myself, and it is the most reliable I can find, having the names of all teams.

Although 4 new colleges have entered the FBS, only 3 of those are represented in the game. UMass, UTSA, and Texas State are now in the game. South Alabama was accidentally left out of the game, and it has caused an uproar.

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