"Pre-Olympic" Football Season Predictions

As it is coming toward the Olympic Games, the SEC Media Days are also coming up, and that's the unofficial start to the SEC season. I'd like to kick it off with some early season predictions for the Dawgs' football season. By the way, the following link is to an article on Bleacher Report from which I get these statistics:

Our schedule is as such:

September 1, 2012: Buffalo @ UGA. This one is the season-opener, and it's pretty much a question as to how big the margin of victory is for us. Buffalo is returning 15 starters and have a third year coach, not that it means anything of course. Last year, Buffalo played in Tennessee against the Vols, and were easily hammered 41-10. They're playing this game for a check, or basically for a bunch of Jedrg_mediumIt's cold up there. It's not like they have other good teams up there (bashes Bills).

September 8, 2012: UGA @ Missouri. This is an early test on the road against Missouri, and in my opinion, the 2nd hardest game of the year. Safety Bacarri Rambo will be out (Corey Moore, Connor Norman likely in), LinebackerAlec Ogletree will be out (Chrisitan Robinson in), and Cornerbacks Branden Smith and Sanders Commings will be out (Malcolm Mitchell, Damian Swann in). This will be a tight and a tough game for us. Missouri's O-Line averages 6'5", 299 pounds. Georgia's D-Line averages 6'3", 310 pounds, and are very quick for 310 pounds. According to Phil Steele's preseason rankings, UGA's D-Line is the best in the country. It's gonna be close.

September 15, 2012: FAU @ UGA. This is our 2nd non-conference game of 4 total, and should be another easy blowout. Some notes on FAU: Very long-time coach Howard Schnellenberger, at age 77, finally retired after last year. The new coach is Carl Pelini, is brother of Bo Pelini, the head coach at Nebraska. UGA has another blowout.

September 22, 2012: Vandy @ UGA. Last year was close. Way, way too close for Vanderbilt. First of all, I won't say anything about Franklin. Now, we are at home this year, and that is sure to give us some advantage, in addition to a good advantage in pure talent and skill already. Last year's game was close, but this year's won't be.

September 29, 2012: Tennessee @ UGA. Wasn't it nice to hold Tennessee to negative 20 yards rushing for the game? That could happen again this year, but what wasn't comfortable was a 6-6 tie at the half, and a final score of 20-12. That won't happen this year, and UGA should have a nice BM over the Vols this year.

October 6, 2012: UGA @ South Carolina. If there's one game that will keep us from going undefeated through the regular season, it's this one. Is Lattimore even going to be able to play? Not at the middle of the season. Anyway, we're in their house, and Spurrier will have his usual schtick on offense and special teams. It's gonna be close, and it will be nasty.

October 20, 2012: UGA @ Kentucky. This is a relief game for us. Should we lose against Carolina, we could easily bounce back against Kentucky, despite being on the road. Last year's game for us was disgusting: 19 points against Kentucky. UGA won't be playing games with them. Easy SEC blowout.

October 27, 2012: UGA v. Florida. With Brantley gone, Jarvis Jones and the Dawgs will look to terrify their new QB, Whatchamacallit. Their defense is still good, but not at UGA's level. I say we start a streak against them, and we'll have a little fun. It won't be nearly as close as it was last year, but certainly not a blowout.

November 3, 2012: Ole Miss @ UGA. After the Halloween bash, UGA returns home for a BM on Mississippi. New head coach Hugh Freeze will make the team better, and get them an SEC win for sure. But definitely not against UGA.

November 10, 2012: UGA @ Auburn. We're going on the road to the Plains now, and new D coordinator Brian VanGorder is very good, with experience in college football and the past 4 years with the Atlanta Falcons in the NFL. He'll bring something dangerous to the table, and it's closer than expected, but UGA should pull it out.

November 17, 2012: GA Southern @ UGA. This is a pay-off game, but also isn't a pay-off game. We all know what Southern did at Bama, rushing for 302 yards and scoring 21 points against them, both of whom are the most of any opponent Bama saw that season. Southern is ranked #2 in the FCS, and looking to get the National Title back. This is also a nice preparation game in the option for next week against our other in-state rival, Tech. We can't fall asleep against Southern, or they will actually have a slim shot to pull off an upset in Athens. But hopefully we won't, and we hold down their option.

November 24, 2012: GA Tech @ UGA. This could turn into a blowout for UGA, and if we score enough points by the 3rd quarter like last season, Tech will have to go to their weak passing game, and then we're golden.

Here's my official predictions:

UGA 44, Buffalo 7

UGA 24, Mizzou 14

UGA 55, FAU 7

UGA 30, Vandy 20

UGA 35, Tennessee 10

UGA 28, SCAR 31

UGA 45, Kentucky 17

UGA 38, Florida 20

UGA 28, Ole Miss 6

UGA 30, Auburn 27

UGA 43, GA Southern 21

UGA 40, GA Tech 20

We go 11-1 (7-1), and walk into the SECCG in Atlanta. Now it's your turn!

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