Not to get all FJM on Michael Carvell....but this is Silly

Georgia hired a new director of on-campus recruiting. His name is Daryl Jones. He coached high school football and ran football camps. Michael Carvell asks the easy question that is on nobody's mind....take it away big Mike....

Robert Nkemdiche: Did UGA hire coach to get No. 1 prospect?

Did UGA hire one of Robert Nkemdiche’s former high school coaches to get an advantage for the No. 1 college football prospect in the nation?

Let me make sure I understand the question that you are asking here...UGA has hired a person whose sole responsibility is to administer on campus recruiting for the football program, that's it, Georgia gives him $110,000 per year, he handles everything related to recruits visits to campus. On campus visits as I understand them are rather important in convincing recruits such as young Robert that the University of Georgia is the best place for them to play college football. Further it is important to the University of Georgia Football program to recruit as many of the best possible players to play on its football team to win games. So your question is, did UGA hire a director of on-campus recruiting in the hopes that hiring them would put them in an advantageous position with a very good high school football player? Yes. Yes they did. Now it's important to understand here, that it isn't just one very good high school football player....they're looking for an advantage with about 25 top college football prospects every year. But technically "yes."

It’s a JFK conspiracy theory that has been debated here and here and other places all over the Internet.

I followed these links because I don't have a social life. Let me summarize the debate for you so you can go on with your life

Link 1: Yahoo article by Cameron Smith - comments: 12. The debate rages:

  • Dale from Detroit fires the opening salvo: "if this was happening in Columbus you'd be crying foul, so I'm crying F_O_U_L." Thanks Dale, strong words. Interesting choice of capitalization and underscore to emphasize the matter. That's good hustle.
  • James from Atlanta thinks that Robert would be a good edition at Auburn. Several other debaters questioned what the appropriate level of compensation would be for Robert to play their. Wake Up People (whose avatar is a raised middle finger) had the last word on the matter noting that Mark Richt has pulled an "old school" move to get Nkemdiche and wonders what else he will try to stop the Tide of recruits leaving the state. He offers no predictions.
  • KG was intense calling the whole article "reprehensible" and questioned the writer's objectivity (as a writer for rivals who also had a candidate for the UGA job). He finished strong noting that sour grapes were no reason to "beech his or coach richt." Whether KG mispelled "beach" or "bitch" is not entirely clear from the context. Nonetheless, great addition to the debate.
  • Bud, Seth, and Tony reasonably questions whether any actual person had "cried foul about this."
  • Wesley in Atlanta added "Troll Tide Troll."
  • Boycott Hollywood suggested the Bulldawgs belonged in the ACC
  • And although Terry had the last word he left it open for another debate when he posed the question "THE BULLDAWGS WOULDN'T CHEAT OR WOULD THEY?" Doubtless the debate will continue.
  • Link 2 takes us to the blog of The Lady Sportswriter. Helpfully she clearly defines the roles on her site, specifically she writes and we read. Clarity, I like it. Five of her readers weighed in:
  • C-Low compared the hire favorably to Korey McCray at UCLA
  • Thomas Brown soberly asks if this is a violation of anything, and says that he would need to hear more; The Lady Sportswriter, writes that she does not think it is a violation.
  • Clayton said that Rivals was "grasping at straws."
  • And that appears to be about the extent of the debate. Seventeen people, none of whom seem particularly concerned with Georgia's conduct.

For the record,

Thanks for clarifying that point Mike, because I thought we were in a parking garage of the State Department and you were leaking me news of the Secretary's threesome with a penguin and an elephant seal on her trip to Antarctica. You're writing an article for a freaking newspaper you mullet head, you are the record.

UGA recently hired Daryl Jones as its Director of On-Campus Recruiting – which is the most critical behind-the-scenes job in the recruiting department.

And it's like way more critical than Robert Nkemdiche. The point to make here is that if UGA had hired someone for this position who was unqualified solely to get Nkemdiche, it's that they acted stupidly not that they acted inappropriately.

Jones was an assistant (in charge of defensive backs) at Grayson High School for 2009 season, when a talented freshman named "Big Rob" split time between the freshmen team and varsity roster. Soon after, Jones took another job running Under Armour camps before he was hired by UGA.

Well that seems like a pretty good background for this job I suppose. Is he organized, enthusiastic, a good administrator and presentable to parents and grandparents?

Nkemdiche and Jones are friends. So now the popular question for Internet message boards – Did UGA hire Nkemdiche’s former coach to get an advantage?

Popular question eh? 17 comments on two websites most of which are about "why are you writing this?" Just for fun I tried to find a similarly popular question for internet message boards....and I did! The question is "Can you eat balsa wood?" And look! 15 people are debating the topic. With a few more enthusiasts, it will be just as popular as "did Georgia hire a director of recruiting to get good recruits." The consensus by the way is that eating balsa wood is probably ok in small doses depending on the presence of chemicals to treat the wood.

Grayson coach Mickey Conn chuckled when he was asked about it. "I don’t think Georgia hiring Daryl Jones has anything to do with Robert."

I am glad Mickey Conn got a chuckle.

"Robert’s decision is going to be what Robert wants to do."

Totally serious about this....Nick Saban has his family handcuffed to a radiator in an undisclosed location. Robert's going to do what he wants allright.

More background on Jones: He is well-connected and well-respected within the Georgia high school ranks after serving as a coach or athletics director in the state for 17 years. He will be making a $110,000 salary at UGA, according to FOI requests.

Well sounds like a good hire. Hopefully he fits in with the culture of the office and plays trivia with the rest of the group on Thursdays....we could really use someone who knows Broadway Musicals and Science to finally beat the Barstool Softeners...think they're so smart with their Sondheim and their mitochondria. Bastards....well anyway, Daryl, study up.

"Georgia is getting a great guy … a great coach and a great PR guy," Conn said. "He’s real positive and a high-energy guy. He’s very organized. I think he’s going to do a fantastic job."

Well I don't have any more questions Mickey, thanks for clearing up any questions that really no one had to begin with.

Nkemdiche is considering Alabama, Ole Miss, LSU, UGA, Clemson, Texas, Mississippi State and Florida, among others.

You know what Mississippi State has? The best damn name for a blog in the history of blogs or names.

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