Tuesday Morning Dawg Bites: Parker? Mary-Louise Parker? Peter Parker? Parker Stevenson? We Don't Need No Stinkin' Parkers! Edition

I was out of pocket on Monday following a busy weekend, so I’m nowhere near being up to speed. For the benefit of those of you who are as far behind the eight ball as I am, here is what every loyal citizen of Bulldog Nation needs to know this Tuesday morning:

Jman781 was the first to break the news here at Dawg Sports: Tony Parker has made his decision, and his school of choice was not Georgia. What caused Parker to hang up when mama called? Ostensibly this:

Hey, it ain’t like UCLA needed Parker as badly as we did. In any case, I wish the young man well, but I remain torn between launching into another anti-AAU rant and bemoaning Mark Fox’s recruiting.

As you may have heard, Arkansas has hired John L. Smith to serve as the Razorbacks’ interim coach. While Year2 defends the move as at least somewhat sensible, I am more convinced by C&F’s argument that the choice offers the worst of both worlds. File this under the heading of “a drowning man will reach even for the tip of a sword.” Frankly, I think the Hogs basically are done as a football force for the foreseeable future.

Doug has a poll posted regarding the Bulldogs’ football prospects this fall. I voted, “I’m bracing for disaster in 2012.” ESPN has a poll posted, the results of which may bring “College GameDay” to Athens. I urge you to vote against the Classic City’s consideration.

On the one hand, Alfonzo Dennard was arrested, providing another regrettable instance of a former Wilcox County Patriot getting into trouble. On the other hand, we get to make fun of the University of Florida for abolishing its computer science department. We have to take the bad with the good, I suppose.

Last week, the Gym Dogs competed for an NCAA championship, the Georgia golf and tennis teams competed for SEC championships, and other Bulldog squads were in action, as well. This week’s slate features Georgia taking on Georgia Tech in baseball at Turner Field at 7:05 p.m. Eastern tonight on Fox Sports South, the Bulldog men’s lacrosse team opening SELC Tournament play on Friday night, this weekend’s NFL Draft, and the Diamond Dogs battling LSU on Sunday at 2:00 p.m. Eastern on ESPN2.

Finally, credit should be given to a trio of Bulldogs on their recent achievements, as Vince Dooley will receive the 2012 Duffy Daugherty Award, Wendy Trott (who just completed her college career as a Georgia swimmer) will represent her native South Africa in the Olympics, and Paige Wilson was recognized as the SEC Freshman of the Week.

Consider yourself fully briefed and ready for action. Now knock back that cup of coffee, check that voice mail, skim those e-mails, and dive into your day!

Go ‘Dawgs!

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