Thursday Dawg Bites: April 19, 2012

It's Thursday once again, Dawg fans, and you know what that means... EUROPA LEAGUE SEMIFINALS!

Who will play for the giant levitating prehistoric wine goblet?? Find out LIVE on a secret channel available only to DirecTV subscribers!! (This picture has been lawya'd)

LOL... no, seriously, there is an item of note or two actually happening in the world that we actually care about. (Just so you know, though... some soccer players give great fishing advice, too. Just saying.) There's not a ton of relevant Georgia news that has broken since Tuesday, honestly... but good stuff nonetheless. To wit:

- Mark Richt is saying... well, pretty much exactly what you'd expect him to say about UGA's discipline policies. The most relevant part of his statement? "I'm not gonna change the way I discipline"

(Tankertoad is totally surprised.) Actually, he gave a very thoughtful, insightful answer to a question posed to him at a Bulldog Club event recently in Augusta. To me, it just confirms that we have the right guy on the hot seat at the helm of this program. #MarkRichtHotSeat

- Georgia is apparently not the only school that would be interested in scheduling an inter-squad games in the spring against other nearby teams. David Cutcliffe addressed the issue and boiled it down to the bottom line for us. (Cutcliffe's Duke team is, as you might be aware, located in close vicinity with other schools in their area that they enjoy competing against.)

- Arkansas is expected to announce a decision in its coaching search soon... and Phil Fulmer has thrown his Krispy Kreme-stained hat into the ring. PLEASE NOTE, Arkansas fans: If you hire Fulmer, every award and football facility in Fayetteville will be renamed in honor of Clint Stoerner.

- How do we know that the SEC's equal-distribution of money is really having an effect? Vanderbilt is building a massive indoor practice facility. Of course, this being Vanderbilt, their official press release points out that this facility will be available for use by regular students and club teams. Personally, I can't wait for the day when James Franklin is forced to practice outside during a driving Nashville rainstorm because some snotty rich kid from Vermont had already scheduled the field for his intramural lacrosse team and wouldn't give up his spot.

- IMPORTANT NAVIGATIONAL INFORMATION FOR PILOTS: The planet Venus is not an airplane. Please make note of this for future reference.

Have a great Thursday, everyone... and

Go Dawgs!

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