UGA 2012 Signing Class Superlatives

With spring practice looming and summer coming right around the corner, I thought it would be a great time to discuss the the class of football players Mark Richt and crew signed this year. I think we can all agree that this class, like most UGA classes in the Richt era, is top heavy. That may actually be an understatement.. I'll talk more about this, after the jump

According to, UGA signed 4 of the top 40 players in America this year. Going by 24/7sports, UGA nabbed 7 of the top 100. Either way you want to look at it, the Dawgs were very happy on NSD. So, without further ado, here are my superlatives for the 2012 class:


1) RB Keith Marshall- Not much of a discussion here.. US champ in 100m, but more impressive he beat Malcolm Mitchell in a foot race. Enough said

2) CB Sheldon Dawson

3) RB Todd Gurley- US hurdling champ

Strongest (pound for pound):

1) OLB Jordan Jenkins- The Freak form Harris County is a workout warrior

2) DL Jonathan Taylor- Regardless of his eventual position, he is an Ox

3) CB Sheldon Dawson- Despite his size, the Memphis product is tough in every sense of the word

Most Athletic:

1) OLB Josh Harvey-Clemons- Played every position for powerhouse Lowndes

2) CB Sheldon Dawson

3) WR Blake Tibbs

Best Ball Player:

1) FB Quayvon Hicks- Will be the battering ram we missed last year

2) OLB Josh Harvey-Clemons- Can legitimately play WR, S, and OLB at a D-1 level

3) QB Faton Bauta- Love the passion he plays with

Biggest Early Impact (not counting kickers):

1) LT John Theus- Plain and simple,we will need him to start right off the bat

2) RB Keith Marshall- Being an EE will only help his chances to get major carries

3) FB Quayvon Hicks

Most Upside Potential:

1) OLB Josh Harvey-Clemons- Once he fills out, watch out

2) RB Todd Gurley- 6'1 215 and his speed is very rare

3) DL Jonathan Taylor

Most Underrated:

1) PK Marshall Morgan- Best in the nation at what he does

2) DL John Atkins- HT-WT-speed prospect right here. Moves insanely well for his size and when he fills out, he'll be able to move up and down that D-Line.

3) OLB Josh Dawson- Slightly less explosive/ more agile Cornelius Washington. Can play immediately if needed

Thats all I got. What do Ya'll think?

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