Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Once Every Four Years Edition

For those who find themselves in a bind on Leap Year, I offer up Olivia Wilde taking in a college basketball game with Jason Sudeikis. I couldn't crop both Sudeikis and the team's logos, so I kept him in the frame. He's funny, so he gets a pass, but anyway, Olivia Wilde! College sports! We know she ain't rooting for KU football, so let's reach out to Ms. Wilde and let her know how much UGA wants her support. Find her at @oliviawilde.

Good morning Dawg fans!

Dawg Bites are posted a little later this AM as a thumping of Clemson by the Women's Tennis team deserved some time for everyone to get the chance to read about it, but nevertheless, the Bites are here and they are some quite tasty morsels for your late-morning snack.

We begin today with a small public service announcement. Today is Leap Day, an event that adds an extra day in February, much to that chagrin of people who get paid on the 15th and last day of every month. It's a very special day in that there are a lot of people who thought today was a holiday, slept in, and are subsequently in a lot of trouble with their bosses at this very moment. For those poor unfortunate souls, I offer you this picture of Olivia Wilde taking in a college sporting event. She needs a real football team for which to root, so GET ON THIS, INTERNET.

Anyway, links and morsels after the jump...

We begin today with the Georgia Sports Blog doing what we like to see them do, find an extra productive way to use the Leap Day. Nice work, gentlemen.

I know there's a lot of cringing whenever someone mentions Mic[REDACTED] Carv[REDACTED] of the AJC, and so I thought this piece that Bernie wrote this morning would be appropriate. The photo in the posting says it all.

Gentry Estes over at Dawgs247 had this Morning Coffee segment up on Tuesday, but I wanted to point it out today because it's a good read. It focuses on how the recently turned Pro Dawgs did at the Combine. I really enjoyed this piece, but my favorite quote that he grabbed from was this gem about Blair Walsh:

"Can consistently put the ball in the end zone on kickoffs and has been reliable enough that a team with a need may select him to keep him off the free agent market."


Anyway, it's a short list of links today because, well it's Leap Day and I have this party I need to attend. It's a special party and only certain people in certain situations are invited. They call this party "work" and it's a blast. If you're attending as well, then by all means, take as many five-hour energy shots as you can handle and let's kill that 2:30 PM feeling.

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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