Try A Little Tenderness

In the wake of Georgia's loss in the SEC Championship Game, Dawg Sports users have been posting excellent pieces on the range of emotions that we have all faced since the clock hit zero. At first, I was angry, later inconsolable, then simply disappointed, ultimately to be outright proud by Sunday afternoon. Well, friends, I have come full circle and am now once again irked, not about the game itself, but about how the results are being portrayed in the media.

The Atlanta Journal-Consitution has embarked on a smear campaign of epic proportions which, in my opinion, far exceeds any of its previous Dawg-bashing shenanigans. If you're in the Atlanta area, take a look at today's sports section. Flip to page C7. See that picture of Kenarious Gates, who played an outstanding game, looking dejected after perhaps the toughest loss of his life? So did I, and it outright %#&ed me off!

The AJC goes even further in publishing an entire album of Georgia players and fans disappointed by the outcome of one of the most exciting games in recent memory. I hate to promote this awful rag, but just for visual evidence, check it out (the aforementioned picture of Gates is #19 of 20 in case you don't have access to, or don't want to see, today's print edition).

Not only do these guys have the nerve to publish such an album, likely intended only for nerds with a love for Schadenfreude, they pay more photographic attention to pregame festivities and fans in the stands during the game than on-the-field action.

How is this journalism?

The AJC is based in Georgia, isn't it? Wouldn't you think they'd want to put more of a positive spin on the home team's loss with their photo albums, say with maybe an album entitled "Top 10 Moments for the Dawgs in the SEC Championship Game" or "Memorable Plays from an Unforgettable Game?" I guarantee you that more than a handful of regular AJC readers are UGA grads and/or passionate Bulldog fans who would rather feel proud of their team putting the fear of God into the soon-to-be national champion than dejected and discouraged.

We should expect a little bit more support for the team from Georgia from the newspaper from Georgia. There should be no kick-them-while-they're-down attitude from the hometown newspaper, especially after a losing effort from which the team returned home to a hero's welcome.

My utter disdain for the AJC was exacerbated by a quick glance at the photo albums from the winning side, where one could at least assume to find such albums. None here. What you see on is a collection of professional and objective action shots from an epic game between the two best teams in college football. There was even a series of photos showing Georgia players, coaches and fans that made me wonder if I was looking at a pro-Georgia album. Both Alabama and Georgia had memorable plays in this game? Imagine that...

Given the current climate of select national media questioning of, and BCS disrespect for, a team that came five yards short of playing for the national title, the Atlanta media should be patting the Bulldog Nation on the back, not pouring kerosene on the fire.

I guess what I'm saying is if Coach Richt wanted to go Gundy on the AJC and any other media outlet criticizing him or any member of his team, I'd be OK with that.

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