Five New Year's Resolutions for the Georgia Football Team



I made a list, I checked it twice...

New Year's resolutions are an annual late-December fixture for many Americans. Some of us keep them. Most of us don't.

A few things I would like to see by the time I kiss 2013 goodbye are advancement in my professional life, a church which best bridges the gap between my and my wife's differing upbringings and personal preferences and further continuation of the commitment I made to physical fitness in the summer of 2010.

Since I've shared a few of my plans for 2013, allow me to share five resolutions that I believe the Georgia Bulldogs must keep in the 2013 season:

  • Hire a quality DL coach. As discussed in a previous post on Dawg Sports, Coach Garner’s departure for flatter pastures could actually be a good thing for Georgia. Though he did a fine job as recruiting coordinator in Athens, our defensive lines were never particularly strong, even when they were stacked with talent. I have every bit of faith that Coach Grantham will make an outstanding hire, perhaps an NFL defensive line coach with a penchant for recruiting. If recruiting isn’t the new DL coach’s thing, then…
  • Figure out the recruiting coordinator situation. The Georgia coaching staff is stocked with excellent recruiters. Attracting elite high school talent to Athens has never really been an issue for Coach Richt and his staff. Therefore, I posit that CMR might just choose to promote someone currently on the payroll to recruiting coordinator. Though this was the first year where I was actually impressed with Bryan McClendon’s efforts as running backs coach, the man can flat out recruit. He’s young so kids feel like they can relate to him, he played at Georgia (so did his father Willie) and briefly graced an NFL roster, he grew up in Atlanta and knows the area well, etc. John Lilly, former recruiting coordinator at Florida State and current tight ends coach at Georgia, is another attractive option, but I personally think McClendon is a better fit.
  • Keep Murray. One of Georgia’s top recruiting priorities in the offseason should be to keep their starting signal caller in red and black for one more year. I’m on record as saying that Hutson Mason could be a capable replacement for Murray, but I’d much rather worry about that next year. If Murray stays for his senior season, Georgia’s offense will be bursting at the seams with proven talent. The Dawgs will return the entire line, Gurshall, Malcolm Mitchell and a bevy of talented receivers (Michael Bennett will be back!) and tight ends. Who wouldn’t want to lead this kind of unit? Murray could chisel his name in stone atop most offensive categories at Georgia and could make a serious run at the Heisman. A strong senior season from #11 would also greatly improve his draft stock and give him another chance to permanently get that "can’t win the big games" monkey off his back.
  • Whip South Carolina. Alright, chickens, it’s personal this time. For three straight years our Dawgs have lost to these wannabes, thus giving Darth Visor all the ammo he needs in his neverending verbal assault on our team’s integrity. Georgia failed to get off the bus in Columbia this season and our boys were humiliated. The only way to make amends? Don Colonel Sanders masks between the hedges in 2013 and lead the chickens to slaughter. South Carolina will have the easier schedule next season but I guarantee you Stevie Boy will find something else to crow about if Georgia still wins the East in 2013. If the Dawgs eat mor chikin, he'll just be firing blanks.
  • Keep it going in JAX. The current decade is still young. The natural order of things therefore dictates that a new team dominates the Cocktail Party until 2019 or maybe even 2029. Georgia is off to a good start in the teens with the first back-to-back wins against Florida since Coach Dooley was patrolling the sidelines in Athens. Dawg fans have been waiting a long time for the Red and Black to seize back the momentum in this series. Yielding this momentum to the Saurians is not an option. Larry Muschamp is still batting .000 in Jacksonville and the Dawgs need to keep it that way.

These are just a few resolutions I think the Dawgs should make heading into 2013. What do you think? Anything to amend or add? Any personal resolutions you'd like to share?

I wish the best to you and your families as the new year approaches. May 2013 be filled with health, happiness and glorious memories on the gridiron. And may you keep any resolutions you make. Let's hope the Dawgs do the same.

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