Weighing In On the Trenton Brown Saga: We've Been Muschumped



"Gator Chompin’ #GatorNation join me Oh and add me to that #1 recruiting class"

This is a tweet from former Georgia OL commit Trenton Brown, who has apparently just decided that he wants to wear jean shorts in 2013. If you don't follow recruiting too closely, let me catch you up to speed on just what happened between Mr. Brown and Georgia.

Brown, a 3-star recruit out of Georgia Military College, committed to the Dawgs in August and we were all ecstatic. Shorty thereafter, Brown had Florida as the leader in his recruitment while remaining committed to Georgia. The whole saga began when Florida asked uncommitted Laremy Tunsil, Georgia's top OL target, for some dirt on Brown and the Dawgs. Florida somehow gathered from this conversation that Brown might end up playing guard at Georgia if Tunsil, the top-rated tackle in the country, finds his way to Athens.

Coach Larry Muschamp and his congregation of bellysliders took this information to the coaching staff at GMC, it made its way to Brown's ears and, not being too keen on playing guard, he decommitted from Georgia. Brown's coaches at GMC, poisoned by their discussions with Muschamp's minions, basically informed the offensive lineman that Georgia was misleading him in their intentions for him in Coach Will Friend's unit. Bert Williams, Brown's coach at GMC recalls a conversation with Brown, "From what he told me, he felt like he wasn't shot straight with what (Georgia's) plans for him were. I can tell (Brown and his father) were kind of upset with things as far as what they anticipated him playing." For the record, Coach Williams argued against Brown decommitting from Georgia.

So there you have it, folks, we've been Muschumped.

I have mixed feelings on this issue. I am angry with Florida's recruiting goons for planting the seeds of doubt in the mind of an impressionable young man, but I also understand that recruiting is a brutal, no-holds-barred kind of business. I am disappointed to lose a quality player like Brown, especially to them, but I am firmly of the belief that the coaches know better than the player regarding the latter's potential as a college-level athlete. Let's say Brown would have made a better guard in the SEC. Would he have outright refused to play the position even if it were in the best interests of the team? If he is, in fact, a tackle-or-bust kind of player, allow me to personally direct him to 75 South

So how should we get back at Larry and friends? Well, Georgia does in fact still need offensive linemen and 3-star guard Joshua Outlaw, a former Florida commit from Lithonia, is in fact still uncommitted. I recommend Georgia's coaching staff make a serious run at Outlaw not only out of principle but also out of need. He's one kid who has already seen through Florida's lies.

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