Monday Morning Dawg Bites: "Oh, My God! A Freshman!" Edition

Offensive coaches named "Mike" tend to make popular skippers in Lubbock. - James Snook-US PRESSWIRE

Jarvis Jones is an All-American, Mike Bobo may be a candidate at Texas Tech, Mark Richt could land college football's No. 1-ranked recruiting class, and Herschel Walker was hosed on the Heisman Trophy. We bring you all the Georgia Bulldogs news that is worthy of your attention.

College football’s regular season concluded with Saturday’s Army-Navy game, and bowl season begins next weekend, so we are in that transitional time separating actual football from the ancillary minutiae surrounding football. In order to get you up to speed, therefore, I’m going to kick off your Monday morning with the latest edition of Dawg Bites:

As you may have heard, Texas A&M’s Johnny Manziel became the first freshman to win the Heisman Trophy. While I cannot claim that Manziel was undeserving, I agree with DavetheDawg’s contention that Herschel Walker ought to have won the award as an underclassman, too. When an award has never in its long history gone to a freshman, a precedent has been set, and, thereafter, you can’t just give it to a freshman because that freshman happens to be the most deserving contender that year; you have to be able to argue with a straight face that no other freshman in history has been as deserving. That, obviously, is abject nonsense---the Goal Line Stalker had a better debut campaign than Johnny Football, in addition to having a vastly superior nickname---so, in the end, we are left with one more reason why Georgia fans should hate the Heisman Trophy.

Additional, and more worthy, postseason awards also are being bestowed, as Todd Gurley and John Theus garnered SEC All-Freshman Team honors, while Jarvis Jones was recognized as a Walter Camp First-Team All-American. We salute these damn good ‘Dawgs, and we hope they put their excellence on display yet again on New Year’s Day.

Is Mike Bobo a candidate to replace Tommy Tuberville as the head coach at Texas Tech? His name doesn’t appear on the list compiled by our SB Nation colleagues, but, then, what Arkansan saw the Bret Bielema hire coming? If a head coaching opportunity presents itself to Coach Bobo, though, I know one argument Mark Richt can make to persuade his offensive coordinator to remain in Athens: Willie Martinez will be coaching at Tennessee.

Another factor in Coach Bobo’s decision, of course, would be whether Aaron Murray opts to return for his senior season in the Classic City. Regardless of which current Georgia Bulldogs will be leaving school after the Capital One Bowl, though, Coach Richt appears poised to bring in another top-flight class of recruits to replace them. This program is now at the point where the Red and Black don’t rebuild, they reload.

On that happy note, I now relinquish the floor, though I do so with a challenge. My family and I put up our Christmas tree this weekend, and I suspect many of you also are decorating home and hearth for the holidays. What’s your best Bulldog-themed seasonal item, be it ornamental, gastronomic, or alcoholic? Feel free to share pictures and stories in the comments below. If you want to throw in your favorite Gordo’s Cheese Dip recipes while you’re at it, that’d fit right in, too.

Go ‘Dawgs!

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