BAMA vs UGA:  Position by Position

QUARTERBACK: OK AJ is good. He has been tried and tested and has played in the second biggest game in the nation (I still think the SECCG is bigger than the MNCG),he is the second highest rated passer in the nation and I could easily give this edge to Alabama if I knew which Murray was going to show up. Having said that, Aaron has played lights out since the end of the first 30 minutes in Jacksonville, has become the only QB in SEC history to pass for 3000 yds in 3 consecutive seasons and is on the verge of having his own chapter in the SEC record books. Contrary to popular belief, Murray has also faced tougher passing defenses when compared to those that McCarron has went up against this season. Advantage: Georgia

RUNNING BACK: Alabama has a stable of fine RBs sown in Tuscaloosa. Lacy and Yeldon complement each other well. They have at times shown game breaking ability and as a duo average 6.3 yds/carry with 24 touchdowns. Georgia has a little horse farm of their own over in Athens. The freshman sensation of Gurley and Marshall has been nothing short of outstanding; Gurshall is just merely averaging 6.5 yds/carry with 22 touchdowns. Add in Malcome and RSIV and I believe UGA has a deeper set of backs to keep the running game fresh. Everyone knows that the OL of Alabama is outstanding but UGA has successfully ran the ball behind a young, patchwork OL much of the season. What decides the advantage for me is that both Gurley and Marshall have shown the ability to run hard up the middle, escape to the edge and when they hit the secondary they explode. Advantage: Georgia

RECEIVER: One word describes this position: Injuries. Georgia has lost two very talented recievers for the season and Alabama is expected to be without one if its two prime receivers for the game. Alabama has some great receivers, but not enough. They will desperately miss Bell come Saturday. Georgia was thought to be hobbled at receiver after losing Bennett and Brown, but have the quality depth to keep Murray's arm sore game after game. Mitchell, King, Conley, Wooten and of late Rome and Lynch have all been key receivers. Advantage: Georgia

OFFENSIVE LINE: Do I even have to get into this one? Alabama has an offensive line that many NFL teams would covet. Jones is an All-American joined by Warmack. Expect to see Kouandijo on that very list for the next few seasons. As I mentioned earlier, Georgia started the season with a very young, patchwork line that was hampered by injuries and the NCAA drug testing program. The young line has gelled but still shows weakness. Advantage: Alabama

DEFENSIVE LINE: This is a classic case of where the student has become the teacher. Todd Grantham and his defensive coaches have built a fearsome front 3,4,5,6,7. Big John, Kwame are very capable of closing holes and opening advantages for Grantham's hybrid DE/LB/DB players. Advantage: Georgia

LINEBACKER: Similar to the O Line conversation above, do I even have to talk about this one much? The LB Corps at UGA is the best in the nation and can boast it without doubt. Jones, Ogletree, Herrera, Gilliard, Robinson, Jordon Jenkins makes some wonder why Grantham don't run a 3-6-2 or a 5-4-2...or does he (reference back to the D Line hybrids)? Alabama. As always has a fine Linebacking Corps led by Mosley, but man for man this is an easy call. Advantage: Georgia

SECONDARY: Both Secondary Units could provide a feast or famine for the opposing QBs. Alabama has been suspect to being picked apart by quality QBs and Georgia has shown weakness in tight and blown coverages. Alabama has AA Milliner, but Rambo was snubbed this year. Belue is great in his position. Swann, Smith, and Grantham hybrids (is Ogletree a LB or a DB??) have shown more than one moment of brilliance. Advantage: Georgia only because I think Rambo will lay someone out this Saturday.

SPECIAL TEAMS: Shelley is one of the best in the SEC, has not missed in any attempt this season (60XP and 10FG). Georgia Freshman Marshall, who has shown a favoritism of hitting the uprights, seems to have gotten his kicking game straightened out (he has missed 4 of each type this season). Mandell is averaging 44 yards a punt compared to Barbers 42. Advantage: Alabama

OVERALL: This is about as even as two opposing teams can be. Pro-Style Offense versus 3-4 attacking, scheming Defense. Two stellar coaching staffs. Both can grind and explode. This one will come down to which team creates more opportunities and avoids boneheaded mistakes. The seniors from Georgia came back for a reason and I think it is that hunger that will prove the difference. Advantage: Georgia.


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