Mark Richt's Record by Kickoff Time

There has been talk of kickoff times this year, particularly chuckdawg not liking our late kickoff time this year. In fact, after the Ole Miss game, we have an average kickoff time on the season at 5:19 PM. After the Auburn game, our average kickoff time will be 5:29. After Georgia Southern, our average kickoff time will be 5:07. If Tech is a noon kickoff, we are guaranteed an average kickoff time of 4:42 on the season. 4:42! That is insane! That means that playing in the SEC on CBS game of the week actually LOWERS our kickoff time.

Anyway, GlimmerTwinDawg asked what our record is under Coach Richt between the Hedges. I can’t answer that. I didn’t look at just home records. However, I can tell you that under Coach Richt we are 26-16 (61.90 win pct) in 3:30 kickoffs (all but two of those were on CBS). That prompted me to wonder, what is Coach Richt’s record in each timeslot? And well, the results are interesting.

Note: All times come from When Georgiadogs did not have the time, I checked for the kickoff time.

Kickoff Time Wins Loss Win Percentage
11:00 AM 1 0 100.00%
12:00 5 3 62.50%
12:21 7 1 87.50%
12:30 18 1 94.74%
1:00 17 2 89.47%
2:00 2 0 100.00%
3:00 1 0 100.00%
3:30 26 16 61.90%
4:00 0 1 0.00%
4:30 0 1 0.00%
5:00 1 1 50.00%
5:30 3 0 100.00%
5:45 0 1 0.00%
6:00 3 0 100.00%
6:30 1 0 100.00%
7:00 8 3 72.73%
7:15 1 0 100.00%
7:30 2 0 100.00%
7:45 10 6 62.50%
8:00 4 2 66.67%
8:30 2 1 66.67%
9:00 1 0 100.00%

Also, here are the tables for his record by time in SEC Championship games, bowl games, and overtime games.

SEC Championships

Wins Losses
6:00 PM in 2002 8:00 PM in 2003
6:00 PM in 2005 4:00 PM in 2011

Bowl Games

Wins Losses
8:30 PM in 2002 5:00 PM in 2001
1:00 PM in 2003 8:30 PM in 2005
11:00 AM in 2004 3:30 PM in 2010
8:00 PM in 2006 1:00 PM in 2011
8:30 PM in 2007
1:00 PM in 2008
5:00 PM in 2009

Overtime Games

Wins Losses
1:00 PM in 2003 (Purdue) 3:30 PM in 2010 (UF)
7:45 PM in 2007 (Bama) 1:00 PM in 2011 (Sparty)

As you can see, in timeslots in which Coach Richt has coached more than three games, Richt’s best record is at 12:30 PM. In fact, between noon and 1:00 PM regular season kickoffs, Richt is 45-6 (88.23 win percentage) which makes sense when you realize early kickoff times like that are usually reserved for patsies.

On the other hand, in timeslots in which Coach Richt has coached more than three games, Richt’s worst record is at 3:30, hovering just around 60%. When you add up the big game time slots (3:30, 7:00-9:00), Richt’s record is 54-28 (65.85 win pct). This also makes sense given that these timeslots are typically reserved for tougher competition. I bet any coach’s record gets worse when you compare these later kickoff times to the earlier kickoff times. Of all of the big game timeslots, it looks like we should want Richt to coach only at 7:00 PM, much to chuckdawg’s chagrin. That’s his best big game timeslot win percentage (72.73%).

Some random notes:

  • Richt’s longest win streak in a timeslot is at 12:21. He is on a seven game winning streak at that. He lost his first 12:21 game in 2009 against Tennessee and has won all seven since.
  • The LSU 2004 3:30 game was technically a 3:40 game, but I included it in 3:30 since that was the SEC on CBS game of the week.
  • I could have sworn we used to have football games kickoff at times like 5:30. Checking past results confirmed that. I miss the times when ESPN2 would kickoff games at times like that. It’s very dull having only noon, 3:30, 7:00, 7:45, and 8:00 PM televised kickoffs. We need more late afternoon games in college football.
  • When we play in the SEC Championship and kickoff is at 6:00 PM, we win. If it’s at any other time, we lose. Numbers don’t lie.

Go Dawgs! Sic 'em!

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