More questions: Thoughts from Georgetown's way

In preparation for the Legends Classic, I had a little Q&A orgy with all 3 others. You saw the Indiana (Crimson Quarry) yesterday, and UCLA (Bruins Nation) this morning. Well, since Casual Hoya's lead man Casual Hoya gave me some good responses too, I felt I'd be selfish if I kept them to myself. So the Q&A with Casual Hoya is below, with thoughts on our basketball team, their basketball team, and even a little college football based realignment (one of his answers will even sound familiar to our football loving fanbase's debates).

Sanchez: Coming from a football crazy conference, what are your thoughts on the football dominated expansion of college athletics, and the slide of the Big East?

Hoya: All of this is just sickening to me. For better or worse football has dictated the decisions of the power conferences and the lure of big television contracts has tossed tradition to the side. Would my thinking on this be different if Georgetown actually had a football program? Probably. But this current situation stinks and there's nothing Georgetown can do about it. Let me take this chance to say Rutgers blows.

Sanchez: John Thompson III is known, in addition to the aggressive defense his father used, but also the Princeton offense he learned from his time there. With Georgia running an offense that also seems predicated on experience and cohesion on the floor, how has Georgetown dealt with those issues of a revolving roster (as players graduate, go pro, etc) and limited practice time? Does it seem like the offense is sometimes more trouble than it's worth?

Hoya: JT3 has earned a lot of slack because he took Georgetown from a middling Big East team back to national prominence in a very short period of time. It is a tribute to his coaching that despite the natural revolving door that is college athletics, his players have picked up the system so fast and produced excellent results. Is the offense more trouble than it's worth? It's tough to argue that with a Final Four appearance a scant 5 years ago and one of the best records in the country since, but there are certainly grumblings among the Hoya faithful who would prefer the Hoyas deploy a more up tempo approached that may be better suited to the current personnel.

Sanchez: How has JT3 handled the normally high expecations of the Hoya faithful? Does his last name help, hurt, or both?

Hoya: The last name helps as it has certainly earned the respect of Georgetown fans, as it is synonymous with Hoya hoops and is the foundation upon which Georgetown basketball is built. The Georgetown fanbase is an interesting one, as you've got a fair amount of folks that think the Hoyas should be going to the National Championship each year and another (and perhaps more vocal) group that always feels the sky is falling and doom awaits on every possession. As far as how JT3 handles it, he is always very even keel about things, almost Zen-like, which satiates those who feel we need a calm leader but infuriates those who advocate a change in the offense and general style of play.

Sanchez: Georgetown has a reputation as one of the more physical teams in the country with dominant big men, what players should we keep an eye on?

Hoya: Big Man U! Um, yeah up front we've got sophomore Mikael Hopkins who is 6'9" and Nate Lubick who is pushing 6'8", so you'll need to worry about them, but Georgetown is lacking that natural center that has defined the school in recent years from Roy Hibbert to Greg Monroe to Henry Sims. One of the keys to the Hoyas success this season will be how some of the big men on the bench develop, as freshmen Bradley Hayes and Brandon Bolden are both pushing 7 feet, and junior Moses Ayegba is a bruising 6'10".

Sanchez: UCLA, Indiana, Georgetown, some of the most prestigious programs in men's college basketball. Any idea how Georgia got to crash this party?

Hoya: Great [redacted] question. Maybe The Legends Classic intern who was sending out the invites must have grabbed yours from the BCS National Championship pile by mistake. Good luck with that, by the way. Even though football isn't something we make a priority, I can dig "between the hedges" and all that.

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