CRY HAVOC! What November 17th means for the Bulldogs and College football

The Staff and Moderators here still haven't brought their Sunday updates. I have been thinking (trying to through the alcohol fueled haze I spent last night in) since Stanford kicked that OT field goal. Below are 5 thoughts that I have, concerning the BCS and the immediate future of the Dawgs. Keep in mind these are simply my own thoughts and musings. Please leave some comment love whether you agree or disagree.

1. We are back in the title hunt. We should jump to 3rd in the BCS polls. Even if we only move up to 4th (as some voices here have suggested considering it took Stanford, a top 15 team, overtime to squeak by Oregon the number 2 team), winning out sends us to the MNC. Assuming each team takes care of business, the SECCG will be 2 v. 3 or 2 v. 4, and a win in the dome will catapult The Dawgs into the MNC. In the words of the Mayor: HELL DAMN YEAH! (did I get that right?)

2. We got what we wanted. But did we really want it that way? This situation has opened the door for all manner of madness, including, another SEC vs. SEC MNC game. Kyle has suggested that we no longer need to root for Lane Kiffin. I would take that a step farther: Root for ND (or against Kiffy Kins if you prefer). ND losing would open the potential for a Bama v. UF, or UGa v. UF MNC. Neither is anything I want to see. Follow me down the rabbit hole and I'll tell you why:

K State is not going to play for the national title game. Without a Championship game, and with a loss to Baylor, they're done. Oregon doesn't get a lot of love from the computer systems and won't get in without Stanford losing and the ducks taking the PAC 12 CG, and I think Stanford will handle business next weekend. I hope Stanford handles business next weekend. Further, there is also the very real chance that that the Beavers beat the Ducks in Corvallis, knocking the rest of the life out of the Quack Attack. Whether that happens or not, the Ducks' fate is in the hands of Stanford now.

That situation would mean that if ND lost, then Alabama and Georgia would enter ranked likely 1 and 2, and UF could very well be sitting at #3 if they manage to beat FSU. That would send UF to the MNC to play either the Dawgs (again) or Bama. The general voter consensus is that no one wants a repeat of that. But if Florida manages a win over FSU it becomes a very real possibility.

Last year set the precedent for a non championship (or even division winner) delegate to the MNC game (as an aside, I think that was the right call, no other two teams were capable of beating either LSU or Bama, UF does not belong anywhere the MNC). And while voters are loathe to do so again, they might be left with no choice. I find it unlikely, but I'd prefer it not even be a question. Since I don't see Oregon getting in without winning its conference given their poor standing with the computers, I have to give at least some credence to Florida's chance if Notre Dame were to lose.

3. Stanford is Notre Dame, and Oregon has proven the rule. The rule is that offense wins games, defense wins championships. Stanford and Notre Dame have both had very successful seasons despite some serious offensive derps, because they play stifling defense. Oregon has won a lot of games, with a high octane offense and a defense that is meh at best. Stanford will likely play for a PAC 12 Championship (and win it), Notre Dame is staring across the goal line at the MNC. Oregon is...sitting in the corner sucking its thumb.

The only real difference between Stanford and Notre Dame this year is luck. Some of that luck was generated by an All American Middle linebacker, but Stanford is one of the best defenses in the country even without that. If you play nasty on defense, you will be in your games. If you don't, you'll end up in some closer games than you should be in.

4. Give the Irish their respect. Top to bottom I don't think you can find a more difficult schedule than the Irish have played this year. The simple fact that they didn't schedule an FCS team gets them some love for me. Have they been in some games that were closer than they should have been? Most certainly. But the simply rule to get to a championship is to win. Win pretty, win ugly, but make sure you win. The Irish have done that. I don't like that they refuse to join a conference, but This year, with Kstate (a team with no championship having been in contention and even ranked #1) you can't ignore the Irish.

5. The Bulldogs stillneed to take care of business. All of the above is blatant speculation. I'm taking a broad stroke guess at what the BCS is going to tell us when it comes out tonight. If we don't beat Tech, none of what I suggested concerning the Dawgs is possible. Winning the SEC remains the ultimate goal in my mind. If we win the SEC i really don't care about the MNC, although I will say it would be very nice to see the Dawgs in Miami.

So let's enjoy the hate week and kick the crap out of the little brothers from Atlanta. GO DAWGS!

Also: If you see anyone related to Army Football...Ask them Why.

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