Attention to detail: Missed in the Mayhem

As we all know, football is a game fought and won in the trenches. Long referred to as a "game of inches", this name not only applies to the battle fought between the yardsticks but also in the often unseen and unnoticed intricacies which influence every play of every down. Perhaps one of my more favorite plays of last night came during the fourth quarter when our struggling Aaron Murray was digging deep to find that "it" stuff in order to respond to a Gator scoring drive which brought them within one point of our beloved Dawgs. With all of us dead set on impending doom, the Dawgs offense began to find a little rhythm.

After a huge holding call on Florida, Murray hit a quick pass to # 15 Marlon Brown and it looked like he might be able to find a little groove for the first time of the night. The very next pass was another out pass to Malcolm Mitchell who was taking advantage of some soft coverage. Now, we all remember what occurred next. Mitchell had a complete and total loss of his mind stuffs and granted us all with a collective sad. Of course, after a little pow-wow with the head coach, Mitchell came back and made magic and their was much rejoicing.

However, I feel that what was lost on that drive, during the initial Mitchell catch with the penalty, was a brilliant adjusted blindside block by our freshman running back #3 Todd Gurley. Look, I know that something was briefly lost in the way of momentum and/or yardage, but I must say that in that minute moment and in that sliver of a second, I felt that this was a team that is starting to see the full picture. They are picking up on the little things and they are doing them well. This is a team whose quarterback was looking like a train wreck up until this point but they were still taking care of what they could control, each one of them individually and as a team. That is impressive. In recent years, it is in areas such as these that we have folded like a lawn chair. It has been the little things that have collectively killed us in the past and I would argue that it was within the little things (Jarvis staying at home with the QB = fumble, all defenders containing the middle for the delayed QB run, Rambo's vision for the int in the endzone = Freaking Huge!, WR's blocking great for the run all night - who the heck says Tavarres King do not have a great game? Did you see that guy blocking his brains out during the run?) that delivered this Dawgs team a glorious victory in Jacksonville on Saturday.

Below is the well deserved replay that Verne and GD missed out on. Here is to Gurley for doing the little things. Here is to the whole UGA team for fighting for each other and picking up their leader while he struggled for the majority of four quarters. Lastly, here is to one hell of a victory and a chance to still do something great (and I mean great!) in 2012/13. This was the type of win that a program can build a legacy upon. Proud of these Dawgs!

**Verne screaming "Watch Out!" seeing the oncoming rusher**

Gurley comes across Murray to pick up the blindside rusher = Murray has time, throws, and completes pass.



Go Dawgs!

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