Which Florida Coach Do You Hate the Most?

It's Thursday and I still hate Florida. How about you?

Since I've received some encouraging words and positive feedback from fellow Dawg Sports members, for which I am very grateful, I decided to give this hate-post thing one last shot before I spend all day tomorrow in hateful meditation and all morning Saturday on my knees asking the good Lord to help the Dawgs not end up on theirs by about 7 that day.

Thanks to a comprehensive history of the rivalry from vineyarddawg, we all know that Florida fans refuse to acknowledge having a football program before 1990. Since I believe in occasionally seeing the world through one's opponents eyes, regardless of how much one may hate those eyes, I'll play their game for one night. Florida did not have a football program until 1990. That being said, who is your all-time least favorite Gator coach?

Steve Spurrier: Reign of Terror 1990-2001

Just typing this guy's name into Wikipedia to make sure I remembered when he left makes want to clean my keyboard. Dawg fans know him as the evil genius who compiled an 11-1 record against the team that ruined his Heisman season in 1966 (bitter much, coach?) and for the infamous "half-a-hundred" game between the hedges. Noting that no team had ever scored that much against Georgia at home, Darth Visor took great pleasure in doing so and even boasted after the game that records are meant to be broken, or something like that. College football fans often credit him for turning the tide in the Georgia-Florida rivalry, which for most of history the Dawgs had dominated. I'm 28 and know not these alleged glory days in Jacksonville. As if making Florida a nationally-relevant terrorist juggernaut wasn't enough, the man had the nerve to morph from gator to chicken and haunt the Dawgs in a different form. Man, I hope they beat USCe next season...

Ron Zook: Reign of Terror 2002-2004

I'm sure you're already thinking to yourself, "Look, Haus, Spurrier is the root of all evil and the root of most of Dawg Nation's recent football misery. Type no further, I've made up my mind." But hear me out on this one. We should hate Ron Zook for one reason: this guy was a horrible coach and still made our lives miserable in 2002 and 2003 when the Gators finished both seasons with an 8-5 record. Only in the 2004 campaign, ironically (or maybe not?) his last in the Swamp, did Georgia pull off a 31-24 victory in Jacksonville. How could a guy whose hire was so poorly received by the Florida faithful that was launched within a day of him starting the job still find a way to drive that orange-and-blue dagger deeper into the psyche of the Bulldog Nation? How?! And don't forget it was Ron Zook's Gators who ruined Georgia's potential berth in the national championship game in 2002. Don't blame Terrence Edwards for that drop; blame Ron Zook!

Urban Meyer: Reign of Terror 2005-2010

Also known as Corch Irvin Myers, this man sure knew the way to a Bulldog fan's heart. Forget that arrogant smirk of his or his unleashing of the Tebow, this man brought more glory to the hated program down south in five years than the evil genius did in 12. My hatred for Corch Myers drove me to actively cheer for Ohio State in 2006! Irvin had a prickly personality, was cockier than that silly USCe chicken mascot of the same name and was a very sore loser. For proof, see the "time out" debacle of 2008. In retaliation for the 2007 Gator Stomp, Corch Myers decided to use his remaining time outs to prolong the Dawgs' agony in the waning moments of the 2008 49-10 drubbing that still makes my blood boil. And don't forget his lovely cast of characters. Who could forget Brandon "Pokey" Spikes or Tim "Speech" Tebow? Another reason to hate Corch Myers is the 2010 game, a result straight out of the Ron Zook annals, but the main reason is the legacy he left at our hated rivals' institution and the skip he provided to the step of countless guys in jorts and wife-beaters with gelled hair. You should also hate him because he is now coach at Ohio State, the Florida of the north.

Will Muschamp: Reign of Terror 2011-present

Will "Larry" Muschamp is... well, for lack of a better word, a character. This man has as much class as something floating in Coach Richt's septic tank. Known for his animated and heart-attack-inducing demeanor on the field, Larry is known for chest-bumping players and using language I have to look up on The guy even spews nonsense at high volumes at UF reporters who are just looking for comments to post to Gator websites and the like. Yeah, he's a cuddly one. What might make him the most hateable for Georgia fans is the current coach of the swamp people was a walk-on safety for the Dawgs from 1991 to 1994. As if coaching at Auburn wasn't bad enough, Larry... I'm actually happy for him that this game is played at a neutral site as I am sure he is never again welcome on the campus of the University of Georgia. Larry is the only coach on this list against whom Coach Richt has a winning record (1-0), but that does not diminish my contempt for him one bit.

Have at it, fellow Dawg fans. Please vote in the poll but also feel free to discuss in the comments as I'm sure this will generate lively conversation.

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