After a career all in one game Brandon Boykin was all class. In the locker room with his team, he was summoned back onto the field to receive the MVP award. There is no jump in this post because my man BB left it ALL out on the field yesterday.

"""""""“I wish we would have won the game,” Boykin said, “but getting MVP is an accomplishment in the last game of my career. I felt like I gave my all and that’s just a symbol of it.”

Boykin said the safety may have been his favorite play of the game, but he got “the wind knocked out of me,” before popping back up eventually after the play.

“I was able to put two points on the board,” he said. “I’ve never done that before, so that was kind of cool.”

The only other player from a losing team to be named the game’s MVP was Purdue’s Drew Brees on Jan. 1, 2000, in Georgia’s 28-25 overtime win.""""""" From the Athens Banner Herald.

I knew there was a reason I hated Drew Brees but I digress, Blame whomever you want for this loss, Blame Boykin even if you want to, I am sure he blew it at least once yesterday but don't say he didn't give us his all for every game he was in a DAWGS uniform. I saw him do things that were amazing and astounding, I saw him do things that made me very angry but I ALWAYS saw effort. Always. You can't say that about everybody on our team or any team. 110% effort. Brandon Boykin I salute you. In the Outback Bowl2012 "He ran out of his shoes" to use a popular in Dawgland phrase, He accounted for 14 of our points , in short BEAST MODE ACTIVATE. I hope the Falcons get him with whatever pick they have left. Can you tell I am big on this guys potential.

I will miss Rambo and everyone else that is leaving and I may do a piece on Rambo later but Brandon Boykin is the tear jerker loss on our defense. I admit I do very little research for what I write, I go on my own observations more than the statistics and I probably get a lot of things wrong and I ramble (not like the wreck) but I love my Dawgs and Win lose or tie, I'm a DAWG FAN til I die.

Until next time Dawg fans, Keep up with our Ladies Bas-ket- ball team, I understand they kick much heinie. I hear we have a mens team too, and something called golf. Oh yes and the Baseball, A game I at least understand the rules. So we are not bereft of our DAWGS just the ones that play with the oddly shaped ball. GO DAWGS!!!!!!!!!!!

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