Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: Slow News Day Edition

Good morning, kids! Last night, you either watched the State of the Union Address, or UGA fall to Kentucky in what was a more closely contested game than the score would indicate. Either way, you probably woke up today with a little cat scratch fever playing in your head, so we're here to help.

Unfortunately, there's not a ton going on. Yes, it's recruiting season, and the very height of it, but truthfully, there's not a ton of news from which to choose. However, we're going to make due with what we have.

Links after the jump...

There's a chance that you did watch the State of the Union (or JUSTIFIED) last night instead of the Dawgs, so don't forget to read Kyle's recap of the action, if you so choose. Even though the Dawgs lost, there's a lot to take from last night's game. This team is getting better slowly but surely.

In the ongoing saga of Nick Saban and Justin Taylor (you'll remember me talking about this some last week) it appears as if Taylor is going to wait on Alabama. I still am concerned for the kid and I don't like the situation, but truthfully, he's an adult and he's made his decision. I just hope it all works out for him and Saban stands by his word.

In other recruiting news, it appears as if Mark Richt is going to church tonight with Josh Harvey-Clemons, who is the state's top uncommitted prospect and plays LB. Word is that Josh Harvey-Clemons' grandfather, who is his guardian since both parents are deceased, favors Florida, Josh favors Georgia and Florida State is out of it. Who know's what's going to happen, but if Richt is heading to church with the kid, we have a very good shot.

One of my favorite things to check out daily is over at Dawgs247 and is called "Morning Coffee" by Gentry Estes. This morning's offering touches on the cost of recruiting and is an interesting, but quick, read. Give it a look.

More and more, it looks like Chester Brown, the Offensive Lineman recruit out of Georgia that had to pull his commitment to UGA for "personal reasons," will not be attending UGA because of his citizenship status. His mother has stated that Brown is a citizen and was born in the US, but she cannot provide the documentation. The University Board of Regents has a policy that states an undocumented student athlete cannot take a scholarship over a legal citizen. The whole thing isn't over, but as time goes on, it looks less likely that Brown will join UGA.

Finally, Terrell Suggs says to Skip Bayless what we all have wanted to say to Skip Bayless at some point. It's SFW, but NSFW if you consider "douchebag" a curse word. Is there any way we can get Suggs to call Jim Rome next?

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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