Jarvis "Grinds ya Bones" Jones to return for senior year.

The best nickname I could come up with early in the morning.

An early morning fan opinion type post . I don't have the first idea how to make a factual type post.:)

.A piece of an article about the returning guys and what JJ had to say about our school.

"""""""""""""""""""""""""""Georgia coach Mark Richt said Friday linebacker Jarvis Jones and all but one of the team’s rising seniors are returning for the 2012 season.

A group of 15 players, including 13 players who will be seniors in 2012 and quarterbacks Aaron Murray and Hutson Mason, joined Richt at the news conference. As a third-year sophomore in 2011, Murray submitted his name to the NFL draft board.

“Today to me really is a great day for Georgia, a great day to celebrate a lot of good news,” Richt said as he stood in front of the large group of players.

Murray said he and Jones, also a third-year sophomore, shared notes all season and were in agreement each would return in 2012.

Jones led the Southeastern Conference and ranked fifth in the nation with 13 1/2 sacks this season, the second-highest total in school history. He was projected as a possible first-round pick.

Richt said Jones’ commitment to continuing his career at Georgia was a catalyst for others to return. Among the players who decided to return for the senior seasons were defensive tackle John Jenkins, defensive end Abry Jones, safeties Shawn Williams and Bacarri Rambo, and linebackers Cornelius Washington and Christian Robinson.

Richt said Jones was so sure he wanted to return to Georgia that he didn’t enter his name for feedback from the NFL draft underclassmen advisory board.

“I think it had a tremendous affect,” Richt said. “I think Jarvis, as good of a season as he had, he had as good a reason as anybody to test the water. He was like `I don’t need to test the water. I haven’t finished growing up. I haven’t finished becoming the best player I can be. I haven’t finished the business of winning at Georgia.’ I was really proud of him that he was man enough to step up and say it.

“He didn’t even put his name in. Never did. He was like `I don’t need to. I want to be here.”’

Jones, in New Haven, Conn., this week with other Walter Camp All-America selections, did not attend the news conference.

Tight end Orson Charles, who announced earlier this week he will enter the NFL draft, is the only junior not returning in 2012.

Mason, stuck behind Murray on the depth chart, considered a transfer but said he instead plans to be redshirted in 2012. Richt confirmed the redshirt plan for Mason, who would be a fourth-year junior in 2013. Christian LeMay will move up as Murray’s top backup as a redshirt freshman in 2012."""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""""

I liked JJ for his abilitiy which I suppose makes me shallow but because I can't actually know any of the guys I have nothing else to go by until I mine a nugget like that one from a young man that just wants to be the best he can be before he goes to the next level.

Mason in a medical redshirt. What is wrong with him? First I heard of it.

OC leaving is not really a big deal. We didn't use him properly anyway. I don't blame him after the SEC Championship game.

RAMBO!!!!! Did anybody ever have a cooler football name than this guy? I would like him even if he sucked for his name alone.

Lemay as the backup qb? Let them compete for who should be the backup. Does Christian have "happy feet syndrome in big games?' Just a question among friends.

Jones. Honestly a linemen that hasn't played in a game for us doesn't really stand out in my mind. According to the stat link he has not played in a game. But if he is coming back maybe he will be bigger and stronger to make an impact I remember.

Shawn Williams. Mama said knock you out. And he will

Washington, yet another hitter that will be bigger stronger and maybe even faster. UGA brings the wood to your town.

Robinson. May your fingers be sticky ,your feet be fleet, a handful of pick sixes, next year would be neat.

With that DAWG fans I say we have a bumper crop of victories looking our way for the coming year. I wish football was year around. :(

As you go forth into your day DAWG fans remember what the Good Coach says and approach your day in the same manner KTMFD and GATA and Finish The Drill .

Have a nice day.

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