The Painfully Obvious

I posted this in the "You're on Notice!" thread, but figured I'd put this out as as a Fanpost to see if we are merely parroting each other, or if what I said is so painfully obvious to the DawgSports intelligentsia as myself and Inteljumper seem to think. If it is so obvious to us armchair quarterbacks, wouldn't it be painfully obvious to the much more experienced Coach Richt? 

I held off on putting in my two cents directly after the game as I was still so frustrated. There are several things that stand out to me as painfully obvious:

1) Boise State was good and deserved their ranking. It’s obvious why most teams choose a cupcake to warm up with, we needed that. We have a lot of pieces on the field that might have won us the game later in the season, but we looked rusty. BSU looked experienced and ready to go. They are a very senior heavy team, and we are very young. That was very obvious Saturday. 
2) Lack of adjustments to what was working or wasn’t working killed us. I have no idea why we continued to run it up the middle when it hadn't worked the whole game. I also have no idea why we didn’t run it to the outside when we got some of our biggest running gains out there, and where our "SEC speed"(!!) would have helped us.

3) Horrible, predictable playcalling. It’s so bad, and I know if it’s obvious to me what is coming next, then I’m sure the opposing D-Coordinator can figure out what we're going to do. "1st and bomb" is incomplete? No problem, run it up the middle for short or no gain. Then we're in 3rd and long, again. I would be interested to see how many 3rd and longs we were in Saturday compared with our 3rd and short situations. I'm pretty sure there were at least twice as many of the former. Talk about putting your inexperienced running backs (a true freshman and a reconverted linebacker to running back) in a bad spot. Murray is still only a sophomore, and he's getting trying to find his "go-to" receiver still. 
4) First and bomb. Do I need to say any more? That gets us into point #3 again. Maybe it should also be added to the lexicon for Dawg Sports. It can be right next to FYG, which was probably said a lot on Saturday by Dawg fans.
5) Our offensive line looked woefully inadequate on Saturday. The combination of that and Murray stepping back too far in the pocket and hanging onto "the rock" too long is how we end up with 6 sacks. That and whiffed blocks by our tight end or running backs.
6) Crowell is definitely the future. For us to keep the ball out of his hands is hurting ourselves. That said, we need to play to his strengths. Runs to the outside, short dump passes to him, etc. Essentially, get him the ball and then see what he can do. 
7) Same story with Malcolm Mitchell. That kid is a player. Get him the ball in high percentage routes and see what he can do after the catch. He should be starting always and be Murray’s #2 behind Orson Charles. Looks like Marlon Brown may have finally come into his own. Same story, get him the ball and see how many arm tackles he can break. Clearly King doesn’t have the speed or reach for the bombs that Green would have caught Saturday.

8) Let's see some short dumps like Moore and BSU did Saturday. As so many have said, that used to be our bread and butter with Greene. We have unproven receivers now and a weak to moderate line. That much is pretty obvious. High completion rates in the middle of the field and let the receivers and running backs make plays. When you've done some of those for first downs and aren't on your own 30 yard line, then throw a bomb occasionally.

That's about all I have to say, the season is by no means over, but South Carolina isn't going to be any easier. Maybe more familiar, but not easier. They always play us tough, and they have some guys named Garcia, Lattimore, and Clowney that will make it difficult for us. But if we execute and fix at least some of the above, I think we stand a good chance to win this and then move onto a somewhat easier part of our schedule.

Edit: Fixed some sppellung and grammar, mistakes.

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