Toast When We Coast & Drink When We Stink: Week 5

For those of us who choose to imbibe, spirits can be a great companion for celebrating a victory and a helpful tool for surviving a loss. As I do every week, I present you with an option for each as the Georgia Bulldogs prepare to take on the Bizarro Bulldogs of Mississippi State.

When Georgia Wins:

Despite the misgivings I had about the Bulldogs' victory on Saturday, it sure was a lot of fun to get a win. And against (sort of) a SEC team, no less. I'm looking forward to seeing if we can build on that success and if we do, I suggest we tear it up with...


All dawg/dog, all night!

Red Dog, Mad Dog, Turbodog... I'm not what you'd call a booze snob, but other than the Abita, I ain't drinking that swill. So I'm counting on you to come up with other dog/dawg related beers and liquors to get this brouhaha started right. Either way, we should make this an epic throw down if, indeed, there is an epic beat down.

Where You Can Get Your Hands On It: You tell me!

When Georgia Loses:

Some folks around here seem to feel pretty confident about this weekend's game. I'm not one of those people. I want Georgia to put it all together, I believe Georgia can put it all together... But I'll have to see it before I believe Georgia has put it all together. If Georgia falters, what better way to console yourself than with...


I want to be clear on one point. I am not advocating the consumption of the very real and very illegal beverage of choice of Mr. JaMarcus Russell (allegedly). Rather, I am advocating consuming a similarly potent and much more legal version which I have made and enjoyed on occasion:


In a 1 gallon jug, combine

  • 1 liter of vodka (Mid range should work fine, but if you wanna get all fancy like a rock star... be my guest)
  • 2 packets of grape Kool-Aid mix
  • Fill to the top with a 1:1 mixture of Sprite and Grape Soda (for my money, Faygo works best)
  • Drink from a plastic cup with a twisty straw. Delicious.

It may not get you high as a paper kite, but it won't be far off. You'll forget about obsessing over the Dawgs' latest loss and you'll probably be alive Sunday morning... which is nice.

Where You Can Get Your Hands On It: Yo Gabba Gabba?


So drink up Dawg fans. Don't forget to leave your suggestions and recommendations for dawg/dog-centric booze options in the comments. Now if you'll excuse me, ima grip n' sip.


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