The Dawg Sports Interviews: Jasper Sanks.

Welcome to the first installment of the Dawg Sports interviews. Over the course of this season I'll be posting brief interviews which I've conducted with various people, famous and not so famous, legendary and forgotten. Some are former or current members of the Bulldog football program. Some have something to say about Southern culture, including its unique nexus with college football.

Tonight I thought I'd publish one that is particularly relevant at the moment. More than one person has said that they hope that Isaiah Crowell doesn't become "another Jasper Sanks." I'm not sure exactly what that means. Jasper Sanks, for those who don't remember, was the last can't-miss tailback prospect to come to Athens from Carver-Columbus High. He was one of Ray Goff's top recruits, ended up as a pariah of Jim Donnan's tenure in the Classic City, and was much-maligned for a fumble that he didn't actually fumble.

He's now gainfully employed in the oil and gas industry, at least when he's not serving as a coach and mentor to high school athletes. In that respect, I can only hope that Isaiah Crowell turns out exactly like Jasper Sanks. This interview was actually conducted back in January, before we knew where Isaiah Crowell would play his college football. But I think you'll find it fitting on the eve of what we hope will be Crowell's coming out party.

MD: First things first. What are you doing these days? Are you still involved in football?

Sanks: Coaching with Charlie Ward at Westbury Christian here in Houston, TX. Coaching football running backs.

MD: Do you still keep in touch with any of the guys from your playing days?

Sanks: Yes, Demetric Evans and Marcus Stroud. I still get back to Athens sometimes.

MD: You came out of Carver High in Columbus with sky high expectations. What would be your advice to today’s blue-chip recruits on how to handle that?

Sanks: You've got to stay focused, and go where you will play the most and where you can graduate.

MD: What coaches had the biggest impact on you, either at Georgia or in high school?

Sanks: Running backs coach Leon Perry at Georgia and Wallace Davis, my high school coach.

MD: The fumble that wasn’t during the 1999 Tech game. Obviously I’d understand if you’re tired of being asked about that. Has the passage of time changed your perspective on the whole thing? What do you remember about that game?

Sanks: It still hurts because it ruined my career. I felt like Coach Donnan black balled me with the NFL scouts.

MD: What’s the single most important quality a great tailback has to have?

Sanks: You got to have vision.

Thanks to Jasper for taking a few minutes to answer a few questions. Until Game Day . . .

Go Dawgs!!!

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