Boise State, The Big Boy Pants, and a Sucker Punch

Boise State is putting on their big boy pants. 

You didn't think they owned a pair did you?  I mean come on.  They're nothing but hype.  38 wins?  Virginia Tech?  You mean that team we beat in a bowl game 4 or 5 years ago after spotting them 21 points in the first half?  Oklahoma?  the choke masters themselves?  ha!   As much I would love to bash a team that plays in the...mountain...whatever conference...Their record, and seeming ability to punch the lights out of some AQ conference powerhouses, speaks for itself.

Clearly they own a pair of big boy pants.  some weeks, they even wear them.  Boise state is a fast, strong, skilled team capable of playing with any team in the nation for four quarters of football.  What's more, Saturday night is going to have them in their element.  What element is that you might ask, for certainly there will be no blue turf, and quite a few more than the 30 some odd thousand fans their stadium holds. 

Boise's specialty is the big game.  Once or twice a year they steal daddy's belt, put on his pants, and leave the Peewee league to play a game with the big boys.  They manage to snag a game at a neutral site, thus negating their target's home field advantage, and then sucker punch their way to an upset win.  And that's exactly what they hope to do Saturday night.  And they've picked their target well once again. 

Georgia is coming off a season in which it appeared the team needed to hand in its big boy permit.  A dismal 6-7 finishing record, including a loss in what amounted tot he toilet bowl to the University of Central Florida.  Top tier schools do not lose to directional schools. 

On top of that Georgia's off season has been plagued with scandal, leaving the Dawgs apparently vulnerable. Georgia lost two running backs, the two most experienced, running backs, in the off season, leaving their strongest historical asset twisting in the proverbial breeze. 

The coup de gras that makes this game a perfect top tier match up for Boise is Georgia's propensity to show up late in the game.  A few years ago, in the 2006 Sugar Bowl Georgia spotted an up jumped opponent the first quarter.  West Virginia ran with it and established a lead that Georgia wasn't quite able to overcome. 

In a game that bore remarkable resemblance to that sugar bowl last year Boise State opened its 2010 season with a win over Virginia Tech after jumping out to a strong early lead.  Despite rallying later in the game, Va Tech just couldn't overcome that starting deficit.  Boise State knows that we've done this before.  They're counting on it.

Because the simple truth is that despite all their skill at key positions, despite their sucker punch ability, despite their impending 40 wins,  They're leaving the peewee league wearing big boy pants that are a couple sizes too big for them, secured by daddy's belt.

And there's another truth that all the skill in the world doesn't change:  When a skilled big boy meets a skilled small boy, then all things being equal, the big boy wins.  Which is why Boise wanted the neutral site.  Its why they're relying on equalizers and sucker punches.

So now the question:  Got your big boy pants on Georgia?  Boise State does.

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