Where's (W)Rambo?

Taking snaps at QB, that's where.  He's not playing first team safety because he's working with the offense.

No, I don't have a single source, credible or otherwise, to say so.  No, I have nothing in the way of "facts" or "proof" or "hints" or "evidence."  But that doesn't mean that I'm wrong, and you all know that I'm right.

Bank it: Bacarri Rambo will take no less than 10 snaps as QB against Boise State, running a Miami Dolphins-style wildcat offense.  Two receivers, two TEs (or an extra OT and 1 TE), Richard Samuel, and Rambo.  It explains everything.

Why all the hush-hush, closed practices, and secretive scrimmages?  It's because we're installing a whole new offense, dawg.  That's why.

How can we take advantage of being bigger than the Broncos?  By playing a bajillion linemen and running the ball.

Isn't a big problem that Branden Smith and Isaiah Crowell wear the same number?  I'm glad you asked.  No, because they won't both be on the field at the same time.  Smith will run the speed sweep, which is the only route he ever runs anyway.  Crowell's got no part to play in this offense, which lets him focus on learning the boring stuff we do every other down.

Isn't it a bad idea to switch players from one position to another?  Of course it is!  But moving Rambo to QB isn't switiching his position so much as correcting a glaring error made years ago.  Rambo is a heck of an option QB.  He never should have been a safety in the first place.  Here's the grainy video to prove it:


(The quality would be better if I had a better camera, but Rambo's gravitational pull captured or distorted most of the photons that tried to capture his performance.  I'm not sure how the opponents survived).

How does a guy go from being second team All-SEC to being second team All-UGA by doing nothing but "playing well"?  By being a wicked awesome QB, that's how.

This will work.  I promise.  I understand that you may have reservations:  Shouldn't we try keep that bright young QB on the field since he actually appears to know what he's doing?  That's just what everybody else thinks - and you've got to keep 'em off balance.  Free your mind!

Hasn't every species of "wild [mascot]" play resulted in predictable disaster for UGA?  That's the beauty of it!  We don't have to call this a wild anything.  Not only does Rambo have great skills, but the pure quality of his surname makes adjectives superfluous.  We just call it "The Rambo."

Don't we need proven players on defense?  In a word, no.  We need good players on defense.  And, with a surplus of immovable nose tackles, we don't really even need safeties at all.

Has anything like this ever actually worked before? Good question. To answer it, all you need to do is take a quick peek in this little notebook I've got back in my office.  The green one.  It will blow your mind.  It's like a drug during the season, so you can only imagine the intoxication it causes if you sit around for an entire offseason with this thing.  Sometimes I think this thing is a gift from the future or from some other world or something.

I'm not saying Go Dawgs...

...but Go Dawgs.

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