Ole Vince and Erk had a way of telling the world that Georgia didn't have a prayer if we were playing Saint Josephs Middle School for the walking, seeing and hearing impaired. Little Johnny couldn't throw the ball ten yards but by game time he was the most watched prospect in the nation. Little Henry didn't have football shoes so he was using his Keds, but to hear Erk talk, he might break 300 yards against his banged up defense. I guess if there was ever a time in Georgia history that I truly loved, it was when we were underdawgs against everyone we played.

The bookies never could get it right when Vince got through talking about all the injuries and whether our quarterback or running backs would even be able to dress out. I loved those days of being underdawgs when we knew that everyone was healthy and ready to knock someones block off.

I think we've gotten too honest with everything today. Whatever happened to just plain lying about who was going to start and how we were not even sure if half the team would be able to get to the stadium from the hospital? I like telling the news media a bunch of bunk and misleading everyone right up to kickoff. When we're underdawgs, there is some fire in the eyes of those guys, and some desire to knock off that big talking smart mouth who is right across the line.

The way I see it, and remember I use glasses that need changing yearly, we need to tell our guys about those smart talking Broncos and what they intend to do to our team. They've been running their mouths all summer about how they plan on skinning this bulldog and how they can't wait to tear up the South and rub the nose of these Georgia boys in the mess on the field. Is someone telling our guys about how much these smart mouth guys from Boise State plan on kicking our butts?

I'd like to see us get back to just plain hating the guys across the field. You know, lets get all the political correctness out of our team and just get back to wanting to beat those guys 100 to nothing. That squirming little greased pig from South Carolina will run up the score on us in a heart beat, so why don't we get that same attitude? I'm tired of being best buddies with the coaches across the field and loving everyone after the game. Woody Hayes once said he would even buy gas in Michigan if he was about to run out. He'd walk all the way to Ohio and get gas and walk all the way back to gas his car up. Remember Woody when he threw his elbow and hit that player from the other team?

We need to get some old fashion dislike for the other side and want to score until they run out of numbers on the scoreboard. We need to get some defense that wants to keep them scoreless for the entire game. Forget the prevent defense, blitz that guy until he starts having nightmares at half-time and begs his coach to put someone else in the game.

I'm not against Coach Richt or any of his ways, I think he's one of the great coaches of football and I'm glad we have him at Georgia. The head coach is a leader but he's not the one that gets the team fired up. We need some assistants who have to pray every night for forgiveness because of the pure hatred they've installed in our guys. I've seen Coach Richt meeting with the guys right before the game and everyone putting their hands in the middle and saying something like "GO DOGS" on three. That's not going to get us pumped up.

We will win every game in 2011. We'll go undefeated in 2011. It can happen with an attitude of dislike for that team across the field. So I'm hoping to get back to just good ole fashion dislike for anyone and everyone that wears a different color. Forget those black jerseys and forget those red pants. We wear RED jerseys at home and that is what everyone ought to fear. Those hedges use to cause concern in the enemy but now we got slide rule geeks from Tech trying to break off pieces for keep-sakes. It's time to get back to causing fear in the minds and hearts of our opponents.

Well, I know that's radical in today's world of hoping everyone will win and not be mentally damaged if they loose. The fact is, folks need to learn how to loose and we need to begin by helping Boise State learn to be good sports by loosing their first game of the year. Oh, and I hope that Florida looses and South Carolina looses and Tennessee looses, and if they play each other, I hope they both loose. Let's help them learn to be good losers.


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