The Dawg Gone Podcast Show 36 is ready and appreciates the fine art of being fashionably late.


Hooray Podcast!

Hello kids! Sorry the podcast is late this week. It turns out that while podcasting is quite fun, it's my 8-5 life that actually pays the bills, and this week has been extra 8-5'y.

This week, Kyle and I wax Dawg Poetic about the SEC Championship game, preview the Peloponnesian War, and quotes the Nostradamus of our time, Eminem, when Kyle asks "Will the real Georgia Bulldogs please stand up?"

Before I get you guys to the links, I want to first thank Munson's Marbles for providing us with an extremely cool "Hooray Podcast!" picture. It's always down in the comments, but as this is one of the final podcasts relating to football of the season, I wanted to give him special thanks for putting that together. It's awesome.

Also, I wanted to thank you guys for making this podcast as popular as it is. It completely warms my heart when I log onto iTunes and I see us competing closely with (and sometimes beating) other podcasts like the official B1G Ten Podcast, Georgia Tech's official podcast, and some of the larger media members' podcasts. It's just awesome. Yes, I'm looking forward to having a couple weeks off here and there in the offseason, but I really enjoy doing this and that's mainly because you enjoy listening to it. So thank you.

Now that we've hugged it out, let's get you some links:

To listen, subscribe, review and rate the episode on iTunes, click here.

To stream the episode in MP3 format, click here. To save it, use "right click, save as."

To email me about the podcast, click here.

To subscribe to the podcast with your RSS reader, copy this link.

Also, you can stream the episode in Flash format directly below.

Thanks again for a great season! The DGP Munson Tribute Show complete with NEW Munson Mixes will be up the week of Christmas!

Until next time kids.

Be safe.

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