The Charge of the Dawg Brigade

Playing a team named the Spartans has me in a bit of a martial frame of mind, so I figured I'd use Tennyson's "Charge of the Light Brigade." Not that the poem has anything to do with Sparta, but according to my reading of the descriptive passage written above the poem extensive research, the particular battle in question was being fought over sea routes. I would prefer our passing lanes to remain open and for there to be plenty of space between the tackles for Carlton Thomas, so with apologies to Alfred, Lord Tennyson:

The Charge of the Dawg Brigade

Bulldog team in SEC--

mobile league upward--

charged in the Bay of Tampa,

ran the Dawgs onward.

"Forward, Bulldog Brigade!

Charge for the win," Coach said.

Into the Bay of Tampa

ran the Dawgs onward.

"Forward, Bulldog Brigade!"

Was there a Dawg dismay'd?

Not though the offense knew

Bobo had blunder'd.

Theirs not to need to know,

theirs not to anger show,

theirs but to run and throw,

while in the Bay of Tampa

charged the Dawgs onward.

Tackle to the right of them,

tackle to the left of them,

tackle in front of them

wrapped up & racked ‘em.

Stormed at by Spartan swell,

boldly they ran Crowell,

into ol' Sparty's arms,

into Dantonio's harms,

charged the Dawgs onward.

Threw all their backs out there,

threw first-and-bombs in air,

sav'ring their gunner's flair,

charging the Spartans in

spite of weak schedule.

Lunged at those battering blokes,

right through the lines they broke;

Grantham made Spartans

reel from tough Jarvis Jones,

who shatter'd & sunder'd.

Then Dawgs won tough, but not,

not by a hundred.

Tackle to right of them,

tackle to left of them,

tackle behind them

worked hard to win it.

Storm'd at with Spartan swell,

Dawgs gave victorious yell,

they that had played so well,

came through the Outback Bowl,

fought to the final bell,

all through four quarters long,

all sixty minutes.

When can Dawgs' glory fade?

O the wild charge they made!

Move, Bulldogs, upward!

Honor the charge they made!

Hail the Bulldog Brigade!

Charge, Bulldogs, onward!

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