Monday Morning Dawg Bites -- Boxing Day Edition

Traditionally, Boxing Day is a day following Christmas on which the wealthy landowners give their servants a box containing gifts. It's evolved into a federal holiday in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, and many other places in the former British empire held each year on December 26, and is their equivalent of our Black Friday: the busiest shopping day of the year.

For me, it means a week until our Outback Bowl date with Michigan State, Monday Night Football tonight, and thankfully, no NBA on television during the daylight hours. Let's pan the globe, shall we?

Our players report to Tampa today. Check out what a couple of Louisiana Tech players did with their bowl gifts. Nicely done, guys. You're a credit to your school and to the generosity of people at Christmas. is counting down the Top 10 Social Media Moments of 2011. As of this morning, they'd made it to number 6, so much like Mr. Shirley's Christmas present to Clark W. Griswold, check back daily to see the new additions...they've given us the gift that keeps on giving.

The Senator shows us that Mike London is not going to be outdone by Mark Richt's generosity. His major gift may well be the donation an ACC school needs for it's football program.

Aron White has a great idea of how to keep Orson Charles from going to the NFL, according to Seth Emerson. Seth also congratulates Christian Robinson on winning the media's GATA award.

At the AJC, we see that the Dawgs have already given a scholarship offer to this year's high school player of the year, who is just a junior. They also remind us of the 40 years of futility that were the Atlanta Falcons prior to the current regime.

Finally, here's hoping that his performance on Saturday will make people finally shut up about Tim Tebow. You got Gailey'd, Timmy!

There are home dates on tap all week for the Dawgs and Lady Dawgs of the hardwood. Plenty of tickets are available to their dates this week, and with the students gone and Athens a ghost-town, you should be able to move pretty close to courtside for these matchups. Might be a good game to take the kids to see the new floor of the Coliseum.

Finally, in honor of Boxing Day, I give you this flashback of history. If you don't like soccer, I really don't blame you (I don't like it either), but it's an interesting read.

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