Wednesday Morning Dawg Bites: "Now What?" Edition

This time of year brings a lot of mixed feelings for fans. For some, it's a welcome break from the constant traveling and Gameday spending that accompanies football season. For others, it's a devastating time of year, knowing that there's only one more game for their team and then nearly eight long months of agony to see if 2012 will bring the same successes as 2011, all while leaving the miscues behind.

For me, it's a little of both. Look, I BREATHE Georgia Football. Ever since I went to UGA as a freshman, it's been my own personal addiction. Not in an unhealthy way, but when the weather turns cold and the Dawgs are winning, that's where life is at its peak, my friends. So what do I do in the meantime? Well, I immerse myself in the bowl season, coaching searches, and recruiting news. It's the Dawg Methadone for the offseason.

So with that in mind, let's get you some links of interest that may help you deal with your withdrawals. They'll be after the jump.

Our friends over at the Georgia Sports Blog are running a Bowl Pick'em. You can join if you'd like. It's totally free and gives you the chance to see if you really could gamble for profit or if you'd let Vegas take you like it does the rest of us.

The Good Senator passed along this link from About Them Dawgs! Blawg, which is a great site run by author Patrick Garbin. In this particular posting, Garbin talks about the 2000 Outback Bowl (one which I attended...and was hungover...come on man, it was THE YEAR 2000!), in which the Dawgs rallied in the second half to beat my 2011 fantasy QB, Drew Brees.

Bernie gives us a "Behind the Enemy Lines" look at Michigan State. Here's what you need to know...this game is going to be very, very good.

Our buddies over at College Football Zealots have been doing a jam up job all year long with staying on top of not only the Dawgs, but really keeping the pulse of all of college football. They've got a nice series up called "Exit Surveys" and it's looking at how various teams ended their year and a small preview to 2012. I'm sure more are coming, but it's worth checking up on every few days because the info will be coming in droves.

This site is a new one for me, but I'm really surprised that I haven't found it before. It's a site called Pro Dawgs and it is your one-stop shop for all the Dawgs currently playing in Major League Sports. Very cool site, so I wanted to pass it along.

Now, in the offseason it can't be all about college football. I mean there's basketball too, right? So, here's Inside Georgia Basketball with Head Coach Mark Fox.

This is usually where I insert something awesome and funny, but truth be told, I've got NOTHING of the sort right now. So, I'll use this time instead to plug The Dawg Gone Podcast for next week. It's the Larry Munson Tribute Show and it should be up next Tuesday or Wednesday.

Until next time kids.

Be safe!

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