Samuel Taylor Cola-ridge Knows its a Georgia Thang

Samuel Taylor Coleridge is known for his fanciful poetry written under the influence of drugs and alcohol, so what better poet could I choose from which to sample for our Georgia Dome match-up with the Mad Hatter's Tigers? Will the Georgia Dome be our pleasure dome this weekend? Can Georgia become an albatross around the BCS's florid neck? Only time will tell. With apologies to Coleridge (and to anyone bothered by the fact that I could not get these verses to space despite my best efforts):

In Atlanta the Georgia Dawgs

Broncos in Georgia Dome did play.

The Dawgs completely fell apart

And got off to a winless start

in disgraceful display.

So twice Dawgs early faltered late,

ostensibly sealing season's fate

of mediocrity in nation's best league

and irrelevance to the national scene.

Yet Dawgs wove a tale of SEC intrigue

with string of victories by all unseen.

And O and two grew into one and O and two;

Dawgs winning ten did thwart the bookies' cover.

A savage place! The SEC is cuckoo,

and none could triumph o'er Mad Hatter's voodoo,

making Elephants beg for great do-over.

From Eastern Division, the Bulldogs stopped the bleeding,

giving Dooley's garish orange pants a beating

and climbed mental mountain in Jacksonville,

defeating the Gators through force of will.

We throttled Auburn with resounding flair;

those cheaters quelled beneath the Graken's glare.

The Rambling Wreck, they beat us once a decade;

as usual, the Dawgs scored more points than Tech made.

Three months of muddling through zany season

saw Dawgs and Tigers atop the SEC;

should Bulldogs win, BCS would messy be,

and championship would be found lacking reason.

Yet Lady Luck said-maybe I mistook her-

A broadcaster's voice did prophesy sugar!

The shadow of the Dome in Nawlins

floats in back of Bulldogs' brains;

yet lost ‘mid end of season's brawlin',

Bulldogs know this truth remains:

No matter who plays in the MNC,

we'll play Tigers this weekend and...we'll see.

A Bamato with a bass bassoon

did pay a visit to Dawg Sports blog.

It was an Alabamian fan

begging every woman and man

to count them as number two.

Could I inspire around me

such sympathy, I'd swoon;

with swell of Dawg support around me,

I'd chasten every base buffoon

who values winning conf'rence.

That Georgia Dome! Those Tiger champs!

And all who watch shall see Dawgs there,

And of our D cry, Beware! Beware!

Coach Grantham's eyes, Richt, calm and ‘ware.

Crimp their offense under clamps;

Complete all passes; run your backs.

Halt the Honey Badger's attacks;

this your Sugar Bowl ticket stamps.

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