Sunday Schadenfreude

One cannot enjoy the delicious vanilla, cherry and slightly-oaken tones of Schadenfreude unless your team actually wins.  Georgia did what they had to do in beating the Kentucky Wildcats 19-10 to claim the Southeastern Conference Eastern Division title.  On with the show...

Tennessee is on the upswing.  Beating Vanderbilt in Neyland Stadium will do this for a program. 

The result was a victory that Dooley called "a big step for our program."

That tells you how far UT has slipped in the last few years. Since when is beating Vanderbilt — at Neyland Stadium, no less — a big step?  h/t David Climer, The Tennessean.

Meanwhile, Vanderbilt may not become bowl eligible after all.  They play at Wake Forest next week in the battle of like-looking uniforms.  I never thought I'd live to see the day when Vandy earned the title of the dirtiest team in the Southeastern Conference.  That is quality coaching.

I missed last night's Oklahoma-Baylor finish.  It's just as well because reliving the trauma of anything coached by Willie Martinez is enough to last a lifetime.

Florida over Furman in front of hundreds thousands.  Charlie Weis is a genius.

Lane Kiffin just likes messing with The Man.  If college football doesn't work out for him, he'd be an excellent spokesman for Allstate Insurance's "Mayhem" campaign.  He just wreaks havoc wherever he goes.  Down goes Oregon, or "All Quiet on the Western Front."

Clemson's loss was as thorough as it was predictable.  This is what they do.  I don't know which fan base is more miffed this morning:  Clemson's, for losing to N.C. State, or N.C. State's for actually winning and perhaps saving Tom O'Brien's job for another year.

I watched exactly :30 of the LSU-Ole Miss game.  The pick-6 on the first play from scrimmage told me all I needed to know.  The Mike Leach era cannot begin soon enough in Oxford.  I nominate next week's Egg Bowl as the "National Game of Disinterest."


I will miss this man...

LSU and Arkansas could turn out to be a very good game this Friday.  There's much on the line.

Boise State's window of opportunities to ever play in a National Championship won't last forever.  Sooner or later, they're going to join a real conference with real competition.  They've got to be just sick about losing last weekend.  Maybe next year.

I think Mack Brown's seat is pretty hot.  He'd better win in 2012...and win big.

Friday night's stunning Iowa State upset over Oklahoma State was just a harbinger of things to come.  Paul Rhoads is the master of the post-game speech.  Yeah, I went to bed early and missed that finish, too.


I'm just glad Georgia survived "Sleepwalk Saturday" and is position to screw up the BCS even more.  Think about it:  We just need to keep winning.  We might not control our own destiny in regards to a National Championship (right?), but we can decide the fate of about 4 or 5 other squads.  Considering how we started this season, that's a pretty cool place to be.  First things first:

Go Dawgs!  Wreck Tech.

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