The Fruits of the Green Notebook

There are a few things which the 2011 edition of the University of Georgia's offense does not do very well. It does not generate plays of longer than 30 yards very frequently, it is not particulalry good in the red zone, and it does not score very often on running plays. It's yards on a typical rushing attempt, and the instances where it is tackled for a loss or sacked are about average. That's about it.

2011 University of Georgia Offensive Production SEC Games SEC Rank (SEC Games Only) All Games SEC Rank (All Games)
Passing TD's per game                   2.43                       1          2.90 1
1st downs per game                 23.30                       1       22.80 1
Total plays per game                 73.57                       1       72.80 1
Time of possession 35:21:00                       1 33:46:00 1
Yards per game               416.70                       1     438.70 2
Field goal attempts per game                   3.10                       1          2.40 2
Plays +10 yards per game                 16.57                       1       16.30 2
Passer rating               150.43                       2     161.08 1
Pass yards per game               231.70                       2     250.30 3
Field goals per game                   1.90                       2          1.40 3
3rd down conversions                   0.45                       2          0.45 3
4th down conversions                   0.88                       2          0.63 5
Turnovers lost per game                   1.57                       3          1.40 2
Plays +20 yards per game                   4.14                       3          4.70 3
Yards/Play                   5.66                       4          6.03 3
Points per game                 30.70                       4       35.80 3
Rush yards per game               185.00                       4     188.40 4
Sacks allowed per game                   2.00                       5          2.10 6
Tackles for loss allowed per game                   6.43                       6          5.70 5
Rush yards per carry                   4.06                       6          4.33 7
Red zone scoring percentage                 81.25                       7       81.25 8
Red zone touchdown percentage                 53.13                       8          0.61 6
Rushing TD's per game                   1.00                       8          1.50 7
Plays +30 yards per game                   1.14                       9          3.40 5

The chart above shows the 2011 Georgia offensive production and SEC rankings in all games and in conference games. Against conference opponents, the GNB is the best or second best offense in the league in yards per game, first downs per game, total plays per game passing touchdowns per game, time of possession, passing yards per game, passer rating, and plays of greater than 10 yards. The Dawgs are fourth in the SEC in scoring offense despite missing 11 field goals in seven conference games. Only two teams turned the ball over less frequently in the SEC and those teams have run 10% and 15% fewer plays than UGA.

While Georgia has not played the two best defenses in the conference in LSU and Alabama, they have had success against good defenses, notably:

Opponent Yards Per Game Allowed Yards Allowed vs. UGA National Rank
South Carolina 283 436 7
Florida 305 354 12
Boise State 325 373 21
Vanderbilt 328 443 22
Mississippi State 353 315 40

Of these defenses, only Mississippi State had a better than average day against UGA.

We all joke about Carlton Thomas up the middle, first and bomb, taking the foot off the gas and have questioned countless other decisions by our offensive coordinator. However, with two games to go in the regular season and eight games removed from our last loss, the evidence of offensive competence is becoming difficult to ignore and the dream of offensive dominance hard to suppress. Mark Richt was rightly criticized for the results of the 2008 through 2010 seasons, but the win over Auburn ended the speculation about Mark Richt's job security. Mike Bobo's offense played no small part in the challenges of those difficult seasons, but based on his offense's performance in 2011, the Bulldawg nation should give him the same vote of confidence.  

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