Friday Morning Dawg Bites has a bit of a spring in its step this morning.

Before we get started, I'd like to pass along a child-rearing tip.  I don't have kids, but my UGA alumni parents did a fine job of instilling proper values in their sons (my many flaws are not attributable to my upbringing).  When I was a young child, my folks stressed to my brothers and me the importance of a quality higher education.  All three of us were expected to go to college.  The folks made it clear to us that we were to consider college our own responsibility, but they also made it clear to us that they would help us out as much as they could, and we could go anywhere we wanted.  But if we decided we wanted to go to Auburn, we were on our own.  That my two brothers both went to Tech with my parents' blessings speaks volumes, I think.

On y va!

It's a beautiful, crisp day; the autumn leaves are splendid; and the Yellow Jackets lost at home last night, eliminated by the VPI Hokies from a chance at Paul Johnson's first ACC championship.  I love the smell of schadenfreude in the morning.

Legendary Bulldog, All-SEC and All-American safety, and 2011 College Football Hall of Fame inductee Jake Scott will be honored tomorrow during the first quarter of the Georgia-Auburn game.  Proposed: Herschel Walker is our Superman; Jake Scott is our Batman.

Are you ready for some roundball?  Seth Emerson, informative as always, offers a few words about UGA’s basketball signing class.

Let us all pause for a moment and reflect on what it’s like to think of the Georgia defense and smile.  And then check out the ABH’s digging a little deeper into numbers, including Jarvis Jones’s quarterback hurries tally, the oft-overlooked but very important little brother to the dramatic sack.

Ohio State got more bad news: the dreaded "failure to monitor" charge from the NCAA.  I don't think I'm the only one who saw that bit of info and stared blankly while thinking of the apparent complete and total lack of monitoring that's been going on in College Station, PA.

Leather Helmet Blog brought this SEC Network video bit to our attention: another chapter in the South's Oldest Rivalry, when Georgia beat Auburn in the conference's first overtime game.  Yes, Auburn.  Georgia won that game.

And finally, it's my favorite time of the year, and I couldn't be more pleased with this forecast.  Red and black layers, folks.

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